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                                                                                                     11 March 2013   


MG: Hi Great to meet you, Sister are halfway through the UK tour, how has it been so far? 
Sister: Amazing, it’s our first time here in the UK and the response has been awesome.


MG: Yes because you were due to come over before with GWAR weren’t you, but that got cancelled, how has  the reception  been? 
Sister: Yeah it’s been really great, to see our fans over here and gained lots of new fans too. And you can see via Facebook etc. the response is excellent.


MG How’s the tour been with Wednesday 13, is there a good connection with them? 
Sister: Yes one of the best bands that we have ever toured with.  The crew members the band all of them are such nice guys and have taken care of us, so that’s great.  We have done a lot of partying with them


MG: You were in Glasgow last night weren’t you? 
Sister: Yes that was amazing, but there’s a lot of stairs!!  We don’t have a big a crew with us!


MG: When can we expect a new Sister album? 
Sister: Soon hopefully, we have recorded ten to fifteen songs, so we have the material for an album already.


MG: 'Spit on Me' is your current video and is awesome, what influences your music and where do you draw your ideas from? 
Sister: Society, the whole punk attitude with some hard rock , we love the whole punk scene and mix it up and that’s what Sister is all about.


MG: Sweden is producing some amazing bands, at the moment such as Cheerleader, Trial By Murder, Sister Sin.  Any bands you would recommend that we may not of seen or heard of?
Sister: Well Sister Sin are amazing we are going to be doing a tour with Crash Diet in Europe soon.


MG: Bands that influenced you growing up? 
Sister: Seventies British rock, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple,  Kiss,  Motley Crue and a lot of punk bands.


MG: Coming from Sweden you must be used to the cold, do you stay in hotels or have you got a plush tour bus?
Sister: NO! We have a van.  Some nights it’s totally freezing and we are asking was like how long we can stay in the venue, they would say till 3am then we would go and freeze in our van!


MG: So in your van what music do you listen to when you are on the road? 
Sister:  Black Metal , Kiss, Aerosmith. Today Bonnie Tyler, seriously!  


MG: So talking of Bonnie Tyler, do you fancy doing the Eurovision song contest? 
Sister: We don’t watch the Eurovision song contest.  


MG: Oh you can’t know then, Bonnie Tyler is representing the UK on the next Eurovision contest and you could be like Lordi, and representing your country and sharing a stage with her. 
Sister: Oh in that case, yes defiantly we will be there!


MG: Overall highlight for the band? 
Sister: Best thing so far I would say was Sonisphere in Madrid, we were on the big stage and it was amazing.  You know Slayer, Metallica and Mastodon were there as well it was out of this world.


MG: Favourite songs to play live? 
Sister: 'Spit on Me'.


MG: What can we expect from a Sister show? 
Sister: An energetic show with some chaos mixed in, our usual show with 100% attitude.  Last night after our stint on stage we went outside and did a small acoustic show with our fans, it’s a great mix, us and Wednesday 13, same sort of fans, so it’s worked really well, and it’s unusual for the support band to have fans chasing you to play some more!


MG: Your imagery is the Black Metal side of the scene, so do any of you practice Satanism? 
Sister: Maybe! Not yet, but maybe!


MG: Have you got any festival dates lined up? 
Sister: Nothing at the moment, I think we will be recording our new album in the summer so will probably be looking at festivals the next season


MG: Three words to sum up SISTER? 
Sister: Raw, Energetic and Punk


MG: Final words to our readers and your fans? 
Sister: It’s great to be here and if you missed us this time, make sure you catch us when we return next time!


MG: Thanks for your time have a great show tonight. 
Sister: Thank You!

Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


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