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                                                                                                             SIX FOOT SIX
                                                                                                             Title: End Of All
                                                                                                             Label: Scarlet Records
                                                                                                             Release date: December 11, 2020
Woah so in these crazy days of lockdown insanity we get a purebred, horns in the air, face-meltingly classy Metal release, once again from the Land of music... Sweden. Lead by former Falconer Vocalist Kristoffer Goebel SIX FOOT SIX  return with their sophomore album "End of All".
This work of art kicks ass as the creepy and intriguing  "Welcome to your Nightmare"  opens with the mesmerizing and hypnotic Vocals of Goebel taking you on a joy ride of magical intent that's full of fantastic swirling guitar riffs and pounding drums, that leave you gobsmacked and in awe, it's a crowd-pleasing spinning web of dreams.

The title "End of All" rocks up next and steals your soul with its pure melodic vibrancy that works its way into your being, highly addictive, and versatile its pure ear candy. As we come to "In God We Trust" a song full of big riffs and chunky monkey grooves, dude I have been playing this so damn loud everyone in my street knows this tune, haha, but seriously this is killer as is the whole opus to be fair, as we come to the mouth-watering and magnificent  "In the Eyes of The World" a thumping anthem to shake the earth's foundations. "Blood Will Out" is gonna be massive live, I can just picture a Venue full to the rafters singing as one to this heroic number.
 I write this just after Remembrance Sunday and find "The Last Days of Our Lives" very apt, it tells the tale of Dunkirk and find it moving and telling." Finale Vittoria" is rich with melody and a bit different to the other tracks herein, it really gets the juices flowing and would not have been out of place on Kristoffer's previous Band Falconer. 

 An old school Metal feel oozes outta ya speakers as "Abducted"  thunders and riffs into the room.

There's is an air of the epic about the superb "I am your King" that makes me want to come back to this one time and time again.  This song is timeless excellence that is sure to be a firm favorite of many when they get to hear the album in its entirety. "Edge of The World" steps down a few gears, with a delicious solo it's a hazy summer day kinda tuneage.  My goodness, my gracious this platter is contagious as "Oblivion" spills into the world, fuck yeah!
Now I meant to ask in the interview I recently did with Kristoffer about "Break The Wheel" it's very reminiscent in certain parts of a very famous band from the USA that end with Roses, seriously it does!! and thus brings to end the best  30 minutes of 2020!

Believe me when I say "End of All" is superb and a must-buy!  Full to the brim of breathtaking grooves with a modern sound yet traditional Metal curves to sate your thirst and have you banging your head and singing along in no time.  Let's banish away these plague filled days and all hail SIX FOOT SIX...IT RAWKS! 

Review: Seb Di Gatto         Score:9.5 /10

1. Welcome To Your Nightmare
2. End Of All
3. In God We Trust
4. In The Eyes Of The World
5. Blood Will Out
6. The Last Days Of Our Lives
7. Finale Vittoria
8. Abducted
9. I Am Your King
10. Edge Of The World
11. Oblivion
12. Break The Wheel


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