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                                                                                                                  Six Gun Saints
                                                                                                             Label: Dead Inside Records
Recently signing to Dead Inside records we have hard rocking Six Gun Saints delivering an EP to inspire,  and proving that Hard Rock is in no way dead! (Gene Simmons!)

Hailing from Concord California this four piece have released a six track EP that's pretty darn special.


"5150" opens proceedings,  its fast , furious,  and explosive, a number to bring the ceiling down by jumping and dancing away as the Six Guns Saints rock and seriously roll! am exhausted already,  its high octane energising riffs,  and hell to leather drumming will enthuse you and motivate you to salute these Californians! HELL YEAH what an opener! Love the final part of the song as the song slows down, the guitars chug as  vocalist Tails screams and delivers a venomous delivery to strip the walls  and scare the neighbours!


"Spotlight"  just glides in  and rocks your very essence. "Join The Rest" has some Delicious riffs with a bluesy opening it then works and kicks ass  with some bad  attitude and , this band really  nail it! wind the windows down and blast this out loud on sunset strip! "Never Back Down" sends chills through you, its nearly seven minutes of melodious , heart wrenching lyrics and great  musicianship, it is  an impressive tune  that should be on mainstream radio and seeing this band top of the billboard charts.


Title track "Ashes" and also   "Love is Hell" are more Metal inspired, coming on like a battering ram  , slicing the  skin of your teeth with some razor sharp licks and glass shattering tones they end a very impressive EP. Make sure you keep and eye out for Six Gun Saints , these guys are on fire they will ignite and will Rock your world 100 percent guaranteed!  


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score :8/10                     Facebook


3.Join The Rest
4.Never Back Down
6.Love Is Hell
Drums - Corey "Hole" Herrenkohl
Vocals/Guitar - Tails
Guitar - Ben Darcy
Bass - Bernt Strom

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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