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                                                                                                 Label: Napalm Records

                                                                                                 Release: 22.11.2019

Skyblood is the Debut from Mats Leven, one of the most distinguished and massive names in Swedish Metal, seven years in the making this self-titled Epic will blow you away, with its exciting spell blinding soaring musicianship you will find yourself addicted in no time. This Release is Heavy, progressive and outta this world opening with “Skyblood Manifesto” the huge orchestrations are so powerful and spine-tingling you know you are in for a real treat and hell am not wrong!  Levens vocals hold such depth as we are introduced to “The Voice” a real killer then the excellent “The Not Forgotten” draws you in with its hypnotic intensity, and one I can’t get enough of, with rave reviews on Youtube you can see why this has become a firm favorite already from Levens work of art.

Things continue to amaze and beguile you as “Wake up to the truth” delivers a powerful driving force into your being. The outstanding “Once Invisible” with its dark and deep vibes instantly has the listener hooked to its dream-like tones as they mesmerize you and taken on a twisted road of many emotions.


The effects and musical excellence continue as personal favorite on here today anyway! Is “One Eye for An Eye” I love the lyrics and how this pierces your heart, simply immense and full of conviction.

“Out of the Hollow” doom-laden effects with symphonic moments entwine and amaze, this is a true Melodic Metalhead's delight. Penultimate track “For or Against” continues to amaze and beguile with its neoclassical style showcasing Levens's extraordinary talents once more. Finally, we come to “Le Venimeux” a complex and compelling number that surprises and inspires.


Mats Leven has of course worked and graced many Albums with his distinctive Voice on releases by Candlemass, Therion, Krux, Yngwie Malmsteen and At Vance in the past but without a doubt Skyblood is his moment and  crowning glory to say it is truly outstanding is an understatement, expect  a mixture of many emotions from rage, empathy and pride you will find yourself addicted to this stellar work and keep returning to. Skyblood should and will have the Metal fraternity in raptures.

One of the  Metal Albums of the year? Without a doubt!


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score:10/10   



1. Skyblood Manifesto
2. The Voice
3. The Not Forgotten
4. Wake Up to the Truth
5. Once Invisible
6. One Eye for An Eye
7. Out of the Hollow
8. For or Against
9. Le Venimeux



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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