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                                                         Parking Lot Rockstar
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Ok, this band seriously rock they are like a raunchier Nickelback, as soon as the needle hits the groove you are transported into 'Hell Yeah', a proper anthem.  It's rocking, fists in the air, crowd pleasing song if ever I heard one.  This is a brilliant opener to a fantastic album.  'Hell Yeah' was the first single from this album and made an impact in the rock charts immediately on its release and I am not at all surprised . 


'Beauty Queen' is a raunchy song and I love the ... “Blah Blah Blah” part of the song, another song I can imagine would go down great live and my favorite on the album.  Next we have the title track 'Parking Lot Rockstar', with a bit of sleaze this song is funny and down and dirty groove time.


'Complicated' is the second single release from the album.  It’s a touching, emotional, tender, song about a love lost.  It’s a lovely ballad and is guaranteed to take the American rock charts by storm and if there is any justice the mainstream world of radio. 

'You Are The Song' is another AOR moment and a really nice catchy tune. Darick's vocals, like on the previous ballad are so passionate.  'Sticks And Stones' is a meatier number and rattles along, as does 'Blow Me Away', which has some nifty riffs.  'Too Cold To Pray' is a thought provoking song  with clever lyrics and again some mean riffage.


 'Getting High' is another addictive track, I don’t know what it is but the whole sound and make up of this album gets to you in a really good way, it's uplifting, fun and will have metal heads and anyone that likes their music with some passion, a great feeling.  It truly ROCKS!


Final track 'Time to Fly' is a great song to finish off a fantastic album.  This four piece from Wichita have something special and totally addictive about them.  But to be perfectly honest, when first listening to this album, after the opener 'Hell Yeah', I did think Nickelback Clones at first, but I need to re-address that, this band are much, much better than Nickelback and let’s hope they get the attention they so thoroughly deserve. 

This album is addictive and more!  


Soulicit have shared stages with bands such as Buckcherry, Fuel, SevenDust, Halestrom, Lacuna Coil and Pop Evil, and are creating a storm in the states and hopefully every where soon.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto 



1.  Hell Yeah 
2. Beauty Queen
3. Parking Lot Rockstar

4. Complicated
5. You Are The Song
6. Sticks And Stones
7. Blow Me Away
8. Too Cold To Pray
9. Gettin High
10. Time To Fly


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