Søndag   Interview  11/09/20                  

MM: Can you tell us about your Band and whos your biggest influences

We are Søndag, we play low tuned rock. Our main influence is music from the 90’s, from grunge to metal and everything in between, but we also listen to a lot of different (lighter) music that inevitably will guide us in our choices.


MM: Where do you draw your inspirations and ideas from

It could be anything, from a book to a movie, to a hike. Inspiration always finds his way in different manners.


MM: What would you say is your Bands favourite song ?

I really don’t know , we listen to different kind of music. But I can say that the song we have listened to the most is Code of the Slashers by Cannibal Corpse. For some reason that song just make us happy


MM: Plans tour and festival wise for 2020

Hope so! of course not in the actual pandemic situation.


MM: What can we expect from Sunday live

A huge drum sound for sure, Riccardo always smash the drum like no other. And a particular sound due to the 8 strings guitar blended with Fender VI that you can also get in all our songs.


MM: What do you like best and worst about touring

The best things for sure are meeting new people and seeing new places.


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies

I think it could be very cool to tour with a band from our own city, like Kubark or Tryptamin, if they’ll ever play again.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why 

I can say personally(Ric), my most memorable concert was six years ago when I went to a Rage Against The Machine show, the energy was literally out of control!


MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with

Been able to tour eastern Europe. I was A awesome experience that taught us a lot.


MM: Which are your Two favourite Albums of all time

Song for the Deaf by QOTSA, Far Q by Lower Than Atlantis.


MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how it felt to have people watching you?

It’s scary but also motivating because you finally have the chance to show people what you worked on for a long time.


MM: Growing up which Bands posters did you have on your bedroom wall.

I don’t know the other guys but I din’t have any. sad story


MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal / Rock more than any other person

I like to think that AC DC are


MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now?

Since we cannot tour right now the most important thing to us is keep on releasing new music.


MM:If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and why?

I’d choose a song out from our genre, I think it’s more stimulating this way. Something like Across The Universe by The Beatles.


MM: Tell us why we should buy and listen to your Band

If you like groovy rock but you also like heavy riffs, give us a listen and if you’d like you can support us buying something from bandcamp or simply by spreading the word with your friends!


MM: Four words to describe Søndag

Low Tuned Fat Rock


Final Words for your fans and our readers

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