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                                                                                   Soraia interview with ZouZou Mansour   19/10/22                                         

MM: Love your album "Bloom" Are you getting anxious or impatient waiting for the release at the end of the month
--I am. It's been a year since we finished tracking, and about 10 months since we approved the masters - so we are ready for it to be shared with the world! Plus, it's always an exciting and nerve-wracking time the few weeks and months before releasing a new album, in general!

MM: "I seek fire" is riding high in the charts how pleasing for you is this for u guys

--Very pleasing! We've written a lot of songs and each one is given the same love and attention, but some are just acknowledged a bit more or are more relatable. It really is more than just writing a song, I believe. It's the time it releases and what's happening in culture at the time. There are a lot of uncontrollable things, so it's so amazing when one rises like that.
MM: If you had to choose a favorite track of the album which would it be and why

--I would say 'Mephistopheles". Mainly because it tells such a great story and the background vocals and guitar work on it are immense to me. It gives me chills every time the last chorus plays. I'm a fan of how that one came out!
MM: How important is the album artwork for you 

--Very important! Any time we release physical singles or albums or tee shirts, it's all representative f us in some way. And to me, an album cover is like the cover of a book--it tells its own story. I think it's extremely important. It represents what's inside.
MM: How was the tour with Joan Jett, and did she give you some tips 

--She always gives tips about her actions, how she performs, how she behaves, and how she soundchecks. I look at her and Kenny as mentors. She has the type of long, productive, creative career I want, and with that ethic I so admire her. And she never gave up. 
Her crew adores her--it's really so great to witness their love for her and respect for her. You can be a force of nature and still be humble and loved. That alone is a great tip.
MM:Tell us about tour plans and will u be doing live streams

--We have one more mini-tour around the release of "Bloom", and then a few one-off shows in December. 
Our album release show is at Kung Fu Necktie in our hometown (Philadelphia) on December 10th, so we want to make that a big celebration with special guests joining us.
Then we'll hit the road again come spring 2023 after we spend the winter writing. We plan on releasing a few live streams, but they will be a surprise rather than an announced event.
MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies

--Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Garbage, Blondie
MM: What's the most memorable concert you've played so far

--Opening for Joan Jett at Palace Theater in Albany, NY. I loved it.
MM: What would you say has been your proudest moment so far career wise 

--I think writing a song that made the Mainstream Rock charts has made me proud, and also gives me that acknowledgment for how long and hard I've worked at writing lyrics. It is something I had to really keep practicing and maintain discipline with, so to get validation on the outside -- especially when I do it for my inside feeling -- is an honor and I'm grateful for it. And I'd say even more than that was a time a fan came to me and told me the rendition our band recorded of "Jolene" saved his life. He had his suit laid out on his bed ready to end his life, and in that song, he said he heard I'd been through that much of pain, too. That is by far my proudest moment. I was able to share (through a recording) a real emotion and connect in a way I could only wish to.


MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how it felt to have people watching you? 

--yes, it was in second grade at a talent show, and I was 100% terrified. I did not want to do it but I had to do it. I sang with my friend Carin, and the mic was about 5 feet above where my mouth was. I still have that picture right on my desk, lest I forget I've wanted to do this my whole life.
MM: I know you have covered Kiss's "Strutter" do you have a favorite Kiss album
--Honestly, I'm not a big Kiss listener, but I DO love 1973 Live at The Daisy album. Such a different sound than I heard on the band's recordings. 


MM: Tell us why we should check out "Bloom"
--If you love stories, you'll love "Bloom". If you love a three-minute journey into all sorts of emotions you can sing along to, you'll love "Bloom". And I think there's enough of a diversity of sound on this record to keep any listener engaged. We go from "I Seek Fire", to "Jackson's Song", to "Strutter", to "Mephistopheles". From the simple to the complex. It's just like life. Give it a try.

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