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                                                                                                          Title: Up from The Ashes

                                                                                                          Label: Rock Shot Records

                                                                                                          Release Date:14th September 2018

Finnish Metallers Soulhealer return with “Up from The Ashes” a pure-bred Classic Metal Album the way it used to be when I first got into the scene way back in the early eighties, And on this opus we have ten tracks of mean, gritty, blistering heads down, horns in the air Heavy Metal mania!

Opening with title track Jori Kärkis rich Vocals draw you in as the guitars of JiiPee Haikola and Teemu Kuosmanen deliver some meaty Riffs along with the powerhouse rhythm section that is Lari Lämpsä (Bass) and Timo Immonen (Drums) these Finns rise “Up from the ashes”.


The next track “Through Fire and Ice” is a scintillating melodic attack thats impressive and a no-nonsense ballsy number which leads into the “Fly Away” its full-on pedal to the metal delivery shreds and batters your soul.

“Sins of my father” opens slowly and then chugging doom inspired riffs lead you into seven minutes of imposing musicianship.

This killer no filler platter continues with "Prepare for war” and the excellent “Pitch Black” both go for the jugular with the twin guitars flaying and see you punching the air in ecstasy, these two are going to be magical live.


But if I had to pick one track to showcase the Band I think it would be “The final judgement” it’s a slice of pure hard rocking abandonment and the strongest song on here I feel. The next song sees Jori Kärki deliver a stunning moving piece on the deep and eloquent “Behind Closed Doors” it’s a very profound touching number lyrically and still rocks ya socks off!!

“Am I in Hell” a question I ask myself daily! Kidding aside this is maidenesque galloping guitars and full-blooded traditional Metal and just what the doctor ordered! The tempo is brought down a bit as the brilliant “Land of the free” wraps this the bands fourth release to a close.   


“Up From The Ashes” is steeped in Eighties Metal, with a modern Power Metal twist, while not totally orginal it dosent matter, Soulhealer deliver a passionate, ballsy opus that should sit proudly in your mitts on release day!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Reviewed:24.08.18          Score:8.5/10


Track Listing:

1.Up from The Ashes

2.Through Fire and Ice

3.Fly Away

4.Sins of My Father

5.Prepare for War

6.Pitch Black

7.The Final Judgement

8.Behind Closed Doors

9.Am I In Hell

10. Land of The Free


Band Members

Jori Kärki-Vocals

Lari Lämpsä-Bass

Timo Immonen-Drums

JiiPee Haikola-Guitar

Teemu Kuosmanen-Guitar


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