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                                                                                                            South of Salem 

                                                                                                            Title: “The Sinner Takes It All”

                                                                                                            Label: Independent

                                                                                                            Release Date:25 th September 2020

Hailing from Bournemouth we have the future of British Rock with South of Salem and their Debut “Sinner Takes it All”. The Album is inspired by greed, corruption, and abuse. 

​​With the Band making the releases title a play on ABBAs 1980 hit “The Winner Takes It All” the guys have drawn from their own personal struggles and how completely fucked up the world is to throw everything into the melting pot to deliver a stellar ten-track monster in these uncertain times.

 Opening with the Band's first single “Let Us Prey”  this is easily my favorite track on here it has that down and dirty old school feel of the sunset strip and hedonistic days as the world’s authorities collapse and we head into a lawless society, its instantly addictive and killer. As we get drawn into “The Hate in me” detailing the toxic effects of social media and all its ills and building up the courage to walk away from the abuse, so punch the air and sing along as the chorus takes hold, and not let your enemies win.  

​The aptly named “No Plague like Home” rocks up with its gung ho attitude hitting the mark. Next, we get “Pretty Little Nightmare” reminding me of gothic moments and dreamscapes as this builds into something quite extraordinary that sticks in your heads for days. “Made to be mine” deals with betrayal and death it’s darker and has some thumping Bass and Drums that crack your cranium.

The second single “Cold Day in Hell” has some soaring moments that enthrall you, even though this is a song about abuse it rocks your world and is easy to see why it was released as the second single, with its addictive chorus it’s going to be a sure-fire winner live. “Demons are forever”  features Alex Avdi of Red Method/ The Defiled adds his expertise on keyboards as this slow burner whispers and shakes your soul with its many twists and turns. The world of online dating gets the treatment as we become “Another Nail in My Coffin” it’s heavy and intense and will be another song that’s going to be a treat live. “Severely Yours” is fully infectious and takes you on the journey of long term relationships and pounds into your soul as does the excellent “Dead Hearts Don’t Break” bringing this stellar release to an end, dealing with depression and all its pain this deeply telling track works its magic and will surely help all those with the affliction of this horrendous illness.


​Everything about this release should have Alternative Metal and  Rock fans champing at the bit as these guys truly are winners and the world should be prepared for them to take it by storm!


Review: Seb Di Gatto        Score: 8.5/10



Track List

1.Let Us Prey
2.The Hate In Me
3.No Plague Like Home
4.Pretty Little Nightmare
5.Made To Be Mine
6.Cold Day In Hell
7.Demons Are Forever (Featuring: Alex Avdis of Red Method/The Defiled)
8.Another Nail In My Coffin
9.Severely Yours
10.Dead Hearts Don’t Break

South Of Salem are
Joey – Vocals
Fish – Guitar
Kodi – Guitar
Dee – Bass
Pip – Drums




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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