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                                                                                                                   Spirit Adrift
                                                                                                        Enlightened In Eternity
                                                                                                        Label: Century Media Records
                                                                                                        Release Date: October 16th, 2020
Spirit Adrift returns with the complete Heavy Metal Album with Enlightened in Eternity" a true traditional release that oozes class, sophistication, and good time anthems to brighten up the days of the remainder of this awful year.
"Riding into the Light"  gets things underway it's purebred rocking enthuses one and has you rocking away from the off, as the riffs and delirious sounds wash over you, this is fist punching Metal that evokes memories of earlier days of classic Metal circa 70 and 80s yet dragged kicking and screaming into 2020. Love "Astral Levitation" its dark and heavy riffs have a Black Sabbath feel with the killer grooves that bring a smile to your face as the tones envelop themselves and delve into your soul.

My favorite  track on  here is "Cosmic Conquest" with its thumping rhythms, Garrets hard edged vocals and streaming guitars kick backside, a highlight on here which is hard to choose from such an exemplary release to be honest. The Video for "Screaming From Beyond" is a must watch and has all the right ingredients as you bounce around the room and let the sounds resonate into your body. These Rockers continue to hold you spellbound as "Harmony of Spheres " and "Battle High" continue to take you back to those hazy days of the 80s and touch on some of your favorites from those care free times.  Penultimate track "Stronger Than Your Pain" Rocks up with its middle eastern vibes that take you on a magic carpet ride of twists and turns as the Drums annihilate and shake the room.

Finally we come to the ten minute plus "Reunited in The Void"  a behemoth of a track that takes  you on a fantastic journey as this riff laden monster infects you. 

To sum up, Spirit Adrift has risen and become stronger, in these days of uncertainty and disease they have returned with one of the best Albums of the year with "Enlightened In Eternity".  Be sure to spread the word, they are back and ready to steal your dreams and please your ears!

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.5/10
Reviewed: 10.10.20

Track listing: 
1. Ride Into The Light  
2. Astral Levitation  
3. Cosmic Conquest  
4. Screaming From Beyond 
5. Harmony Of The Spheres 
6. Battle High   
7. Stronger Than Your Pain 
8. Reunited In The Void





Spirit Adrift are: Nate Garrett - lead & harmony vocals, guitar, bass Marcus Bryant – drums     

Spirit Adrift online: 


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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