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                                                                                                           Label: AFM
                                                                                                           Release Date:28.08.2015
Okay lets be honest, it has  taken me a helluva a lot of plays to  really  appreciate this Album. A lot of it reminded me of Rammstein , another band  that took  some convincing and haranguing from my partner , and a fair few listens  to really get into.

But yeah I have started to really enjoy this album although like Rammstein ,and a few other bands hailing from Germany ,its all sung in their mother tongue , I don't speak German but this  album sounds  hellish, to listen down the gym / rowing , skydiving etc!


The album is  a high energy smorgasbord of electrical, Dub step pounding and catchy lyrics. ( If that makes sense ) This  band had an impressive beginning to their career, after the release of their debut EP "Herzschlag", the band signed with AFM Records , and centred around their  charismatic front man Mart   worked towards the release of their successful  debut album "Stahlmann" which came out in autumn 2010. 
Followed by many tours STAHLMANN convinced fans and critics alike.   


With "Quecksilber" the success story continued and a year later on, STAHLMANN impressively managed to jump into the top 40 of the German Media Control Album Charts, and held number one with their third album “Adamant”. So “C02” is released soon and rather than going through every track I will highlight what for me are the standout moments here.


Opener “Feindflug” will fill the dance floors with its rhythms ,and catchy chorus, it works up a sweat , pounding it see's you singing in unison  together with these techno rocking wizards. “Plasma” has hypnotic keyboards ,and grungy guitars ,embedding itself deep into your cerebral cortex rocking , it is distinctive and absorbing .


“Deutschland Tanzt”  will see the dark cavernous dance floors of the underworld filling up , it's denizen's striking the air in a frenzy of clenched fists. “Die Klinge” is my favourite on here ,its slow ethereal effects are haunting ,deep and moving this a song I will be using Google translate on to fully get its meaning, its an emotive chilling track and simply makes this album for me. The album continues to beat you so you  bounce you around the room, with its Industrial , Gothic tones you simply  cannot do anything  but get hooked on Stahlmann . “Wenn Engel Tanzen” and “Der  Letze Tag” follow ,and continue to impress..


Like Rammstein in many many ways these Teutonic terrors infiltrate with stealth , you will be captured , this is an album I will return to again and again.
Review Seb Di Gatto Score :8.5/10
1. Feindflug
2. Plasma
3. Deutschland tanzt
4. Die Klinge
5. Sadist
6. Friss mich
7. Spiegelbild

8.Wenn Engel Tanzen

9.Der Letze Tag

10.Nimm Mein Hand


Line Up:

MART: Gesang, Programmings
FRANK: Gitarren
MAX: Drums


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