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                                                                                             STALKER Interview 15/11/20

MM: Congratulations on “Black Majik Terror” has been out a short while. How pleased are you with the feedback so far


DAIF:  I read a review on Encyclopedia Metallum that was passive aggressive so I'm good for a year and a half.

Chris: I mean it is what it is - Simple album. But very stoked on the reviews!


MM: How does the song writing process work in the Band is it down to one person or a team effort


DAIF:  Its a killer ying yang +1 mix. Chris and I have wildly different reasons and ways to writing songs. Sometimes its 100% someones killer idea, other times its the fucking hero’s journey to find the tightest, most streamlined song possible. I have a theory that if you can get out of your own way and actually listen to what you (?) are telling yourself then you can achieve great songs. I dunno but maybe its transferable to other skill sets too, I only know about making killer songs. You know when you are about fall ass-leap and you start having weird, vivid thoughts? Thats where the best stuff comes from. All that said, there is another type of majik when your favourite people are all on the same page, in the same moment and working towards making the best sound possible. Knowing each others possible next movements and working with your own ego and/or grief to kick ass is fucking weird as hell and reason enough to get into making music.


MM: I was immediately transported back to the 80s when I first heard the Album, it is purebred Metal how it used to be before the sub genres, how proud does it make you feel to have produced a gem in these fucked up times.


DAIF: yeah well that could easily be spun the other way too. We sometimes get flack for not being a symphonic metal band. Actually, I’m only half joking. We do but they obviously don't get it. What's more to be said?


MM: If I was totally new to Stalker which two tracks would you play me from the  Album and why

“Intruder” is my fave

Chris: Of Steel and Fire and Sentenced to Death.


MM: The Album cover is awesome will you be selling that as a poster or an insert in the Album

Chris: Thank you, it sure is awesome. Bob Eggleton did a great job. The poster is available with the Orange LP version that is ordered from the band only (Bandcamp). DO you want one? I will send you one for your bedroom wall.


MM: You are signed to Napalm Records, how rewarding was it when you first realised you had been picked up by a major label

Chris: Very strange and bizarre but happy. Its amazing to see that A&R’s are still out there checking out new bands and signing them even though they aren't going to rake in cash for the label. We were signed because the A&R guy loved the demo. Like, LOVED the demo. I thought that was a good way to get signed to a major.


MM: When you released “Satanic Panic” 4 years ago did you ever think you would be signed and growing stronger , in these uncertain times.

Chris: Definitely not. No way. Making a name for ourselves yes. But no way did i think all this would happen in 4 years. Looking back we have done a lot. But we have a lot sacrificed alot to work on music in our spare time. But you know what, i wouldn't have it any other way.


MM: What made you decide to go down the Speed Metal route, and do you have any other musical interests


DAIF: We actually all have pretty diverse audio interests. Nick listened to talkback radio a lot, Chris rips old school hip hop heaps, and Im a mess. I dunno - the da bois wanna talk about what they listen to in depth more here that would be cool… I listen to a lot of 70’s Eurasian music and psychedelic shit. I think my real understanding of hammer-ons came from turkish music. I hung out in Auckland , New Zealand around a lot of indie music and that was fine and all, but I realised that I was getting impatient at gigs listening to the songs. They wou would all just be lookin at their fret-bores. Zzzzzzzz. I didnt know anyone in AK that was into metal as much as me at the time so I was going to metal shows alone. It came to a point that I was going to (regular) shows and listening to Morbid Angel on headphones and I knew I had to just fucking get on it.




MM: Plans for the new year tour and festival wise

Chris: Play it by ear. No plans. No way anyone can make any plans with the climate the way it is. Once we can see there is progress then we will look. I understand festivals and big bands planning tours for 2021 that were canceled in 2020. But i can't see anything changing soon so it's nice to sit back and see how everyone else goes. No way do we want to play limited shows or audience restrictions. But in the meantime, back to making more music.


MM: What do you like best and worst abt touring –
Chris: Partying with all our friends new and old. Worst part? Fucking moving shit onto plans and airports.



MM: What can we expect from Stalker live?

DAIF: My ass in your mouth

Chris: I cant add much more to what daif has said

MM: How do you prepare before a performance and do you get nervous

DAIF: I know this is terrible and it almost never works for a live show; but I have a method for vocal warm ups where I just chuck my voice down the stairs and see what happens.Nervous? Nah Im a bloody wreck and the least socially adept person out here, but playing live is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Chris: I get hell nervous. Always have.


MM:how do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible? 


Chris: Very important. But, that's the fun of it. So it's just what you do.  Love hanging around before and after a show partying.

MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies

Chris: Evil Invaders, Black Viper, Torpedo. 100%


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

Chris: Iron Maiden Early Years tour 2005 in Greece. Fuck. Insane. 


MM: You are stuck in quarantine for a year, which musician dead or alive would you have with you.
Chris: Easy. Rob Halford


DAIF: Living with a dead body for six months sounds pretty taxing, so I guess I’d have to go with a well roasted one like Bach. He’d have a dope wig that’d prob still look good I guess.
Can you imagine living with an early 80s Ozzy in lockdown? Fun as fuck for 20min till he runs out of drugs.


MM - If one of your songs  from  the “Black Majik Terror”  could appear on a soundtrack or any film or cult TV series, which one would you choose and why?

Chris: Holocene End. We have been there and done that in the video. Check it out. Mini B Grade Horror




MM: Tell me why we should buy “Black Majik Terror”

DAIF: 2/10  avoid.


MM: Four Words to describe Stalker
Chris: il save you 2 words. SPEED METAL


 Quick fire rnd

1.Lamb or Ham

DAIF: Ur mum
Chris: Lamb


2.Vinyl or Digital

DAIF: Rent is so high here I had to give away my records because of space in lieu of ripped digital albums from blogspot
Chris: I like vinyl but i listen to youtube mostly


3.Spandex or Leather

DAIF: Pleather
Chris: That's impossible to answer for me


4.Kiwis or Beer

DAIF: Staying in your room till you or your bandmate comes up with a cool riff.


5.Donald Trump or Kermit the frog

DAIF: Orwell
Chris: Love kermit!             Facebook


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