Starscape Interview 


MM: Can you give us a brief introduction to your Band Starscape and its inspirations.

A:Starscape is a heavy metal band from Sweden, formed by me in the summer of 2015. The aim of the band is to create epic and atmospheric music with space being the overarching lyrical content. With our music and lyrics, we want to invoke the same feelings of wonder, adventure, but also of existential anxiety, that pertain to the topic of space. 

The current line up is me, Anton Eriksson, who is handling all instruments and Per-Olof Göransson, who is our vocalist. We’ve just released our debut EP “Pilgrims”, which seems to have been very well received so far.

Musically, our inspirations come from all over the musical spectrum, from the classical metal bands of the 70’s and 80’s, to classical music. Lyrically and conceptually, I’m mainly inspired by classical literature and the overwhelming mystery of the cosmos.

MM: Which is your Favourite track on the EP today and why  

A:I’m currently most pleased with the second song, “Colony”. I think it’s a slightly better composition than “Pilgrims of the Stars”, and it better represents what I want Starscape to sound like. Furthermore, “Colony” is overall better executed. There’s a lot of power in the vocals and I’m quite pleased with the solos. I think we could have done better justice to “Pilgrims of the Stars” than we did in several respects.

MM: How has COVID-19 affected you personally and are their plans for Starscape going to do a live stream at some point.

A:COVID-19 hasn’t really affected Swedes as much as it appears to have affected people in other countries. As for Starscape, I don’t think there has been much of a difference at all. Me and vocalist Per-Olof Göransson have been meeting up regularly for band business just as usual. 

We don’t have any plans for doing a live stream, mainly because we are not a performing live act at the moment. We are definitely going to try to produce something in video-format soon, however. Stay tuned!

MM: What are your plans for the rest of the year and do you think there will be any festivals or tours this year.

A:Starscape has two primary goals this year. First, we want to complete the recording of our debut full length album. All the material is written and most of it has already been recorded. We just need to finalize it and get someone to release it. Conceptually, the album is a continuation of the same story that was introduced on the “Pilgrims” EP.

Second, I want to finish writing Starscape’s second album. I’ve got about half of the album completed so far. I’m really excited about this material as I think it’s a big improvement from the material heard on the demo and the EP.

For the same reason as I mentioned in the previous question, Starscape will not play live anytime soon. We’ll see what the future holds in that regard, though. 

MM:How do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible?  

A:Again, this is not a big priority for us, as we are mainly a studio band at the moment. Currently, our main aim is to compose and to record music.

MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies 

A:As I’ve said, touring or playing live is not a main priority for Starscape at the moment. But Portrait and Hällas are two current bands which I enjoy greatly. They both seem to have a serious and professional mindset when it comes to playing music, and it would be cool to share a stage with them at some point.

MM: Sweden has an amazing Metal and Rock pedigree do you have some personal favorite bands from your country.

A:Sure, some of my favorite metal bands are Swedish! Bathory, Candlemass, and Heavy Load are a few that immediately come to mind. Among the newer bands, Portrait is probably my favorite.

MM: did you come from a musical family and can you remember the first time you played live and how it felt to have people watching u.

A:Yes, several members of my family play instruments, and most of us listen to a lot of music. 

I think I did my first gig in my teens at a private party, playing drums for a rock n roll band. I remember that being in front of an audience was slightly nerve-wracking, but exciting at the same time. Then again, most of the people in the audience were absolutely hammered, so it wasn’t like they could tell whether we made any mistakes anyway.

MM: if you were stuck in quarantine for a year which four musicians would you have with u and why

A:I would choose Ronnie James Dio, Gary Thain, Jon Lord and Les Binks. Never mind that the former three have passed away. Those four were and are some of the musicians which I hold in the highest regard in heavy metal and rock music. I’m sure the five of us would be able to come up with some interesting stuff, were we to get stuck together.

MM: What song any song, any song relates to how you are feeling today

A:Well, I’m listening to Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 7 as I’m writing this, so let’s say the first movement of that. It’s got an apocalyptic feel to it, which Agoes well with the gloomy weather here today.

MM: Tell me why we should check out Starscape

A:I think you should check out Starscape if you’re into old school heavy metal with simple and catchy melodies, yet also enjoy more elaborate, “proggy” passages featuring prominent bass lines, and layered instruments.

Five Questions:

1. Festival or small intimate gig

A:Small intimate gig

2.Meatballs or Beer


3.Abba or Hammerfall


4.Denim or Leather


5.Spotify or Vinyl


Do you have any Final Words

A:Thanks for doing this interview with us! Check out our debut EP “Pilgrims” if you haven’t already, and follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates on upcoming releases. Keep watching the Starscape and let the mystery of the stars enchant you...



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