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                                                                                                                      Cairo Son


                                                                                                                Label: Independent

                                                                                                                Release Date : March 18th 2016

Wow another Steller release in the early months of 2016! And this time its Cairo Son from London.

If you throw in some Pernicious Melodies aka Alice in Chains and the pulsating guitars of Soundgarden with some Doom drawn from the deepest darkest pits of Black Sabbath, you get an idea what this  hard hitting thought provoking power trio can do.


Back in the day when grunge reared its ugly head Alice in Chains were the only band I really really dug from that genre and the opening “Lost in Shadow” transports you back to that time  “Lost in Shadow's” vocals coat you in a sheen of Doom laden majesty as the riffs rock and shake you, it’s a snake hipped, foot stomping opener.  


Two singles were lifted from this release  “Lions in a Cage” and Devils Tongue” , first up is the former “Lions in a  Cage” its lyrics are telling, thought provoking and catchy as hell, the chorus draws you deep into the cage and has you pounding the enclosure as it thunders into your soul.


“Devils Tongue” with deep resonant riffs digs deep into your consciousness reminding you so much of some songs by Sabbath, (Never a bad thing!)  and you believe Magdy when he tells you there are “No Angels here to save me from my fears” that leads into a  grungy head spinning, salivating, doom laden enchantment.

One of the highlights  for me  is the thought provoking , very deep and meaningful “My Brain” it’s a song I relate too ,and found it moved me considerably as it's lyrics reverberate it touches a nerve in you, I find life can be a cluster mutha fucking fuck at times and when you look at a world which is full of hate, it makes you  think  hard , and question life, this is a beautiful tune I really love it, its touched my soul, heart and mind, thank you Cairo Son for this song!


“Give Me Strength” is a more upbeat tune , a  balls to the wall, kinda synopsis, the lyrics tearing into you. its attitude takes you on a helter skelter ride of emotions.  Final song is the title track, it’s a ten plus minute giant that sees the band   deliver some  monumental moments throughout and its trudging magnificence needs to be saluted as does the whole Album. 


“Storm Clouds” is the bands second release ,it will see their following increase and the band  build into something hugely successful, indeed these storm clouds are ready to thunder and pour forth their classic doom laden, grunge induced Musical majesty to the world !


Review :Seb Di Gatto  Score:9.5/10           Facebook    Website



1.Lost In Shadow

2.Lion In A Cage


4.My Brain

5.Give Me Strength

6.Storm Clouds



Magdy - Vocals & Guitar 

Dave - Drums 

Rico - Bass & Vocals

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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