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MG:Hi, Great to meet you, your  first album after 10 years, was it an easy process to get the creative juices flowing again


Stoney: No, it wasn't really a hard process to let the ideas flow. Andy and I has found fast a way and knew how Stormwitch must sound in 2015.


 MG: What inspired you to release a new Stormwitch  album

Stoney: It was the right time for us and there a lot of fans and we want to do a new record.


MG: Do you have any personal favourite tracks on the new album, if so which ones and why

Stoney: Yes everyone has his favourite. Andy like “The singers curse” because this epic. Myself like the “Last Warrior” because there a parts that remains me to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Micha like “At the end of the world” because he said the refrain has a child melody. Volker like “Season of the witch” because it is much more a modern style. Wanschi like “Last Warrior” too as the same reason as myself.


MG: Can you tell me a bit about the album cover and did you have any input into its design

Stoney: Simply, it should symbolize the resurrection of the witch.


MG: What does 2015 hold for you guys

Stoney: We play some festivals in the summer in Europe and we are happy to be back with a strong album.


MG:What was the first album you ever owned

Stoney: It was from Slade “Slayed” in 1972.


MG: What you have been listening to recently 

Stoney: Battle Beast and Jorn Lande & Trond Holter Dracula. Two amazing albums, I really like that stuff.


MG: Tell me Why should we buy the new album

Stoney: They really get a strong Stormwitch album. It is back to the roots, a typical Stormwitch album. I think the old fans would love it and new fans will be more interested for the Band.


MG: Three words to describe Stormwitch

Stoney: Black Romantic Masters


MG: Thanks for your time and is their anything you would like to say to our listeners and your fans

Stoney: Yes, we want to thank all our fans in the USA for all the support over the years and I really hope to see you one day when we are on stage!


Best Regards

Stoney                                           Interview: M.A




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