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                                                                                                       Zero To Rage 

                                                                                                       SPV Records   

Stormzone are a truly mighty band, maintaining the tradition of everything that is great in Rock and Metal music.  This album really has been worth the wait, to listen, is an absolute must!!!

'Where We Belong' starts the album with an intro of classical proportions.  Dramatic drumbeats set the tone, building tension, then with the guitars releasing awe inspiring riffs, come amazing vocals.  From the first note you are taken, enraptured, and held captive by it’s sheer brilliance.


The title track 'Zero to Rage' continues the odyssey.  This is a powerhouse of a song, with amazing guitarmanship and relentless drumming.  These are the wings above which the vocals soar.  This is a real classic.


'Jester’s Laughter' is both sinister and atmospheric.  It excites, delights and Stormzone create an overwhelming feeling of deep foreboding.  Great stuff.

' This is our Victory' assaults the senses and conjures up the most amazing visual imagery.  Pounding drums and electrifying guitar work, combine with a voice that would not be out of place in a Wagnerian opera.  What more can I say.


'Fear Hotel' ... “Welcome to the Fear Hotel“.  This is a heavy  pounding piece of metal music.  Just let it fill up your head and dance away your troubles.  'Hail the Brave' is an awesome song, which aims to excel what has gone before and succeeds without a doubt.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does.

'Uprising' is a wonderful and lyrical song.  It harks back to the old school metal melodies, but there is nothing wrong with honouring what has gone before, for that is how we progress.  'Last Man Fighting' is a truly wonderful song.  A rock anthem to inspire the listener.  Lose yourself in those glorious guitars and marvel at John Harbinson’s amazing voice.


'Empire of Fear', this is a song of epic proportions, atmospheric, magnificent.  'Monsters' ... “the monsters you fear, they are here after midnight “ ... this has all the menace of 'Fear Of The Dark' or 'Enter Sandman', with all of their aesthetic and technical brilliance.

'Voice Inside My Head' is a rich and fulsome piece.  It makes you feel warm inside.  It is truly wonderful.  'Cuchulainn’s Story' is a powerful and fitting end to a truly awesome album.


For me, this is the best album I have heard for a very long time.  Every song on the album is truly great.  This is an amazing body of work, and it’s creators can be truly proud of what they have achieved.


Everything about this album is top notch, the drumming, guitar work, vocals, everything !!!!!  If you love heavy metal, that is melodic and lyrical, then this is definitely for you.

I saw Stormzone when they supported Tesla and they are awesome. 

It surely can’t be long before they take their place up there with the God’s of Metal.


Review by: Alison "Bear" Caswell  Score:10/10



1. Where We Belong2. Zero To Rage3. Jesters Laughter4. This Is Our Victory5. Fear Hotel 6. Hail The Brave 7. Uprising 8.Last Man Fighting

9. Empire Of Fear 10. Monsters 11. Voice Inside My Head 12. Culchulainns Story


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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