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Google Supercharger and you come up with car engines, pub bands, and DENMARKS SUPECHARGER! These guys rip into the room with some kick-arse licks and enough attitude to wake the world up, these Danish rockers,  kick in the front doors, and you had better batten down the hatches and be ready to have a hell of a party as Supercharger bombard you with opener 'Like a Pit Bull', this has the angry bite of a rabid beast that’s ready to kick your arse with some mean riffs and super-fast licks.  


Then there’s the piece de resistance, an anthem to have the crowds singing along, 'Supercharger' exudes the attitude of Guns N Roses at their finest, this will have you jumping and singing along after the first spin, as the talented and approachable lead singer Mikkel tells you to brace yourself for Supercharger!! You had better believe him, this horde of Scandinavians have the ability to deliver and you may need to chain yourself to the floor to stop moving and partying all night when these boys come to town as 'Blood Red Lips' springs into life. 

It’s a song about the sleazy side of Europe’s night spots and so I am told by the band, many a night out in the hotspots of Hamburg, Amsterdam and the many haunts of adult amusement to be found in the plains of mainland Europe. 


'Hold on Buddy' oh my, this is fun time, kicking your heels, jumping around on the bar music! Hell yeah! And it just does not stop! Let’s then have 'Five Hours of Nothing' it’s a slower number where the band go down the Wildhearts route, a song that would fit on any of the aforementioned bands albums.


Then 'Yeah Yeah' comes at you, a song about self-destruction and generally setting the whole world on fire, super stuff where you put your fist right through the plate glass window and want more of the same pain. 

I really love the harmonica and general bluesy tone the song takes as it reaches its crescendo it is without a doubt my favourite track on this work of art. 


'Yeah Yeah'  is the kind of  song where people  who are usually stood in the crowd looking bored and disinterested put their pints down and actually enjoy the ride and sing along 'Yeah Yeah' babbbbbbby!! Why is it always a girl named Suzi? Anyway 'Suzi the Uzi' is a fun thrilled doozey with a fair ground intro and backing vocals from their female mates, super good time tune age.


Okay now 'Hung over in Hamburg' is a song where all of us drinkers have been one time or another, I would imagine, be it Hamburg, Glasgow or any other city in the world, you know the feeling waking up and having to double take and thinking where the hell you are and what City is this? And then actually what is that stain on my shirt and how did I get these bruises kind of thing! A fun song with some Deep Southern overtones it’s brilliant!  


I am going to skip to the final track as I can’t enthuse enough about these Danish maestros, and I will wear me keyboard out in a minute! Final song is a chilled song called 'Goodbye to Copenhagen', well personally it will be hello Copenhagen for me and my kin if Supercharger don’t hit the UK shores in 2014 and rip the hell out of the UK.  I understand there are plans afoot for a tour sometime here in Great Britain, I hope to hell they arrive one day soon accept no imitations! Or any other bands with the same name there’s only ONE Supercharger!!!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 



1. Like A Pit Bull
2. Supercharger
3. Blood Red Lips
4. Hold On Buddy 
5. Five Hours Of Nothing
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah
7. Suzi The Uzi
8. Hung Over In Hamburg
9. Get What You Deserve
10. The Crash
11. From The Gutter
12. Goodbye Copenhagen  

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