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                                                                                                              The Lyricist

                                                                                                              Label:Agonia Music           

                                                                                                              Release Date:16th March 2018


Nearly ten years after they released “Attitude” these Norwegian Metallers are back with a vengeance to remind the world they aint dead!

“The Lyricist” features new singer Dagon and sees the Band return to their earlier roots, some may not be impressed, but for this Susperia fan I think this is an Album full of fist pumping, Extreme Melodic head banging musician ship that’s possibly their best release to date.


Opening with the head pounding and deliriously killer “I Entered” They return to  the arena of Extreme Metal, What I have always loved is the way these guys mix and fuse their sound of Black Metal into a bastard child of classic Metal abandonment, and on this opener, they do this, its faultless I can get enough of this song the chorus and scorching riffs are ferocious.

“Heretic” is venomous as Dagon spits out the lyrics, while Cyrus and Elvorn shred and tear the skin of your teeth, the rhythm section of Memnock on Bass and Tjodalv stir the pits of hades with their thunderous cacophony.

Title track “The Lyricist” has a hellishly catchy opening that builds and builds grabbing you by the balls and smashing you up against the wall as the members of the deepest darkest forests of Norway intrigue and draw you into their dark and deep tale.


Now talking of deep and dark next we get my favourite song on here the doom laden “My Darkest Moment” ticks all the boxes this has everything, I can’t enthuse enough about this song, its just fucking perfect, of course this has already been released and if this dosent whet your appetite for this platter, then theirs no hope for you my friend!

“Day I Died” sees the tempo come down a notch and like the previous track has a more doom inspired feel to it. “Void” and “Feed the Fire” continue to satisfy the fires of your soul as the music pulsates and rips your being a new one, damn bang your head hard and raise those horns people!

“Whore of Man” kind of hypnotises you as the lyrics weave into your brain and deliver a fatal blow of killer riffs and demonic verses. Final song “Come Alive” is a thunderous end to a superb release and indeed Susperia have “Come Alive” and are back with their extreme melodic twists!


I never usually read other people reviews but outta curiosity I did and the few I bothered with were absolute rubbish, poorly written "reviews” where people moan oh it’s not the same without the previous singer, no longer Black/ Extreme Metal? Really ?? well am sorry I think this is a triumphant return and times a change, this Album sees Susperia evolve and become something even stronger and dare I say it better.

In my humble opinion Susperia continue the legacy of being one the best extreme Metal bands to of come out of Norway.


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10                    Facebook

Reviewed: 22/02/18                                             Website                                          



1. I Entered

2. Heretic

3. The Lyricist

4. My Darkest Moment

5. Day I Died

6. Void

7. Feed The Fire

8. Whore Of Man

9. Come Alive



Line-up: Dagon – Vocals , Tjodalv – Drums, Memnock – Bass, Cyrus – Guitar, Elvorn – Guitar


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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