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                                                                                                        Swedish Hitz Goes Metal
                                                                                                        Title: Swedish Hitz Goes Metal
                                                                                                        Label: Doolittle Group

'Swedish Hits Goes Metal' is comprised of seven Abba, four Roxette and three Ace Of Base (I didn’t even think Ace of Base had three songs in them!) tracks and what a treat it is if you are into Abba etc, and like your symphonic Power Metal. 

Having a hatred of all things Abba myself, I managed to listen to the Abba tracks through gritted teeth! 


Everything has been recorded by Tommy Johansson, founder member of ReinXeed and session musicians.  The guitar work and everything is pretty amazing.  Tommy's vocals are poor, but having said that, the tracks are all delivered at such a blistering pace,

I would rather of just listened to this without the singing and maybe I would put this album on again in time, and try forget the actual original connections to the music.


'Mama Mia' in a word ... oh dear … Roxette's 'The Look' I can just about handle the original song and this version makes it even more bearable.  'Money, Money, Money' was actually released on video and is just gut-wrenchingly bad.  'All That She Wants' was bad enough when Ace of Base got the song to number one, for a fairly long time in that long hot summer of the nineties, but having to endure it again was sheer torture, even with the metal influence. 

Talking of torture, next up is 'Super Trouper' give me strength!  But having said that, the musicianship is pretty phenomenal.  Another Roxette song that’s quite listenable is 'Joyride', then it’s get the razors out as 'Winner Takes it All' lasted only about a minute on my stereo.  


The final track 'Listen to Your Heart' is probably the best song that is covered on this album, and I actually would put this on my I-pod.  I guess if you are really hammered one night and want a giggle, go out and buy this, but if you are a metal-head then maybe wear a ski mask so no one recognises you!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Mamma Mia
2. The Look
3. Money Money Money
4. The Sign
5. Summer Night City
6. All That She Wants
7. Super Trooper
8. Joyride
9. Intermezzo No. 1
10. Sleeping In My Car
11. The Winner Takes It All
12. Beautiful Life
13. Lay All Your Love On Me
14. Listen To Your Heart

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