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                                                    Necromancer   Dust On The Tracks Records / Sony    

Taberah are from Hobart Australia and have been plying their trade since 2005, their new album 'Necromancer' will enthrall and astound you.  These Tasmanian devils have taken the Eighties style of metal, mixed it up and delivered an album to be proud of. 

Now there’s a few bands going back to the Eighties sound and adding a modern twist to it and for me Taberah without a doubt stand head and shoulders above the rest! 


'2012' opens the album and is themed around the beginning of the end, the world's supposed demise foretold in the Nostradamus prophecy, and what strikes you first is the Power Metal infused Metal Meltdown, this scorches, blisters and rocks.  It will have you singing along, punching the air and throwing the horns! Jonathon Barwick on Vocals and guitar has a brilliant vocal range, the guitars and solos from Myles 'Flash' Flood are stunning and '2012' simply delivers on all fronts. 


Tom "Bam Bam" Brockman pounds his drums as the thrashy 'Dying Wish' fills your head with dramatic effect.  It's speedy and oozes frenetic abandonment, with a cool chorus to boot!  Dave 'The Doctor' Walsh's bass thunders, this really reminded me of early Megadeth / Metallica.   'Burning in the Moonlight' is melodic, heavy and sees the band in NWOBHM territory, with hints of Iron Maiden


as the track comes to its end.  The title track 'Necromancer' is magical, mystical and full of blood curdling battles and stupendous musicianship. 


'Warlord' continues like the previous track it’s full of daring do and blood soaked fields at the height of battle, catchy as hell. 'Don’t Say You'll Love Me' slows everything down and while it is very good, I don’t think it belongs on here really, it’s good don’t get me wrong, but is out of step with the rest of the album.  Next 'For King and Country' sees the band back to a powerful metal groove as the chorus gets you punching the air again and head banging to the sheer majesty of the song. 

Then there is a respite as 'One Goon Bag Later' flows into the room, it’s a classy instrumental, that leads into 'The Hammer of Hades'.  Now this is a track that stands up and batters your very being.  You can feel the swing of the hammer landing a blow of catastrophic proportions.  It's speeding, thrash-tastic with a Power Metal influence, sure to strain every sinew in your neck . 


'My Dear Lord' running at nearly six minutes is a monster track, a fitting  finish a stunning album form the boys down under! There is a final track a really cool and captivating version of Deep Purples 'Burn'.  Taberah have had Lemmy Kilmister hand pick them  to open for Motörhead, that's one of many accolades that these Australian heavy rockers have to tell about since their first pub gig in 2006 at the tender age of 16.

Taberah have shared many stages in many places with the likes of Motorhead, Municipal Waste, Paul Di'Anno, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Steve Grimmett as well as the who's who of Australia's heavy music scene.

The future is extremely bright for these rockers, with youth on their side and superb musicianship this band could and should be at the  top of the Metal


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. 2012
2. Dying Wish
3. Burning In The Moonlight
4. Necromander
5. Warlord
6. Don't Say You'll Love Me
7. For King And Country
8. One Goon Bag Later
9. The Hammer Of Hades 
10. My Dear Lord
11. Burn 


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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