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                                                                                                         Tad Morose
                                                                                                         Album Title: St. Demonius
                                                                                                         Label: Despotz Records
                                                                                                         Release Date: August 28th 2015

Tad Morose have been on the scene a long time, they formed way back in 1991 and have toured extensively around the world, released some superb albums, and played iconic festivals like Wacken. 

The band unfortunately went through many line up changes and all went deathly quiet for ten years and saw Tad Morose possibly consigned  to Heavy Metal history, but then the band returned with a vengeance in 2013 ,these Swedish Metal sleeping giants released "“Revenant"” an outstanding album that shook and delighted Metal fans the world over, the rejuvenated Tad Morose with Christer “Krunt” Andersson (guitars) being the only original member left in the band ,like a maturing vintage fine wine they have quickly followed up with “St.Demonius” it is primed and ready to be unleashed on to the world stage.


It’s a Metallers delight as its full of Pure Heavy Metal riff's, immense vocals, and devilish drumming to delight and beguile you.

From the opening track "“Bow to The Reapers Blade"” to the final song “"Your Own Demise"”  you are taken through 12 tracks that will capture your imagination and take you on a journey of dark and intriguing tales. Straight from the opening track you are guaranteed intelligent lyrics and head banging no nonsense Metal like it used to be back in the old days, no cookie monster growls this is pure unadulterated Hard core Heavy Metal!

The racing guitars get your heart pumping and exercise your neck muscles  you will be singing along in no time with Ronny Hemlins masterful vocals, this is a crowd pleaser that leads to the hugely consuming and personal favourite"Forlorn"” its deep and heavy doom envelop your psyche with its atmospheric ambience encompassing some teeth chattering riff's.

“Where Ignorance Remains"” opens the pits of hell with its delivery waking , shaking the minions of the devils locker, another highlight that sticks in your head and wont leave your mind for days and days.
"Remain" for some reason reminded me of the Metal God Ronnie James Dio as it opens which is never a bad thing! It’s a chugging number, and  as the song progresses it reminds you of old horror movie scores.

“Black Fire Rising"” thunders  into the room ,its delivery shatters glass with its twisting, turning , deviant distribution of hellish and devilish delight. “"Day of Reckoning"” is a track that took a while to fully appreciate if am honest, but it grows on you  and wins you over.

The dungeons and deep recesses of your mind are infiltrated as “"The Shadows Play"” seeing the demons chase  paralyzing your being. "“Darkness Prevail" “Fear Subside” and "Dream of Memories"” impact with force, bruising the flesh and breaking  bones.


"The World is Growing Old" is my least favourite track on this opus ,its lyrics make you think but it just didn’t  rock my foundations. Final track “"Your Own Demise"  leaves you wanting more and more from these Swedish veterans, its catching heroic tones delve deep and  ignite a fire in your soul.
I read a review where someone said oh Tad Morose sing in English err well thank fuck they do is all I can say to that innane comment! Swedish Metal/Rock bands could and do teach the UK bands something and no more so than on Tad Morose's "“St Demonius"” Another stunning album keeping the Metal ALIVE in 2015!

Review Seb Di Gatto Score 9.0/10

TRACKLIST                                                    Website  Facebook
1. Bow To The Reapers Blade
2. Forlorn
3. Where Ignorance Reigns
4. Remain
5. Black Fire Rising
6. Day Of Reckoning
7. The Shadows Play                                                           
8. Darkness Prevail
9. Fear Subside
10. Dream Of Memories
11. The World Is Growing Old
12. Your Own Demise
Guitars: Christer "Krunt" Andersson Drums: Peter Morén Bass: Tommi Karppanen Vocals: Ronny Hemlin Guitars: Kenneth Jonsson




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