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                                                                                                           Label:Nuclear Blast

                                                                                                           Release Date: 6th Feb 2016

Textures return with Album Number five “Phenotype,” these Dutch Metalcore masters mix in Progressive Metal, Death Core, and Groove Metal that for the first time listener to this band can take some getting used to, and if like me you are getting a bit bored of Metalcore this Album may actually surprise you with its melodic catchy themes and experimental atmospheric forces.

Opening with “Ocean Collides”  a fierce introduction that sears flesh and rattles your teeth ,Daniël de Jongh's stark and jagged vocals draw you in to this euphuistic opener that crosses into an Industrial wasteland of deep and heavy grooves as Remko Tielman's Drums batter and pound into the earth’s core as the song approaches its zenith.


“New Horizons” opens in a mellow mode seeing Daniel using a clean vocal style at first that then it leads into a passionate assault as the track envelops you, its energy and attitude seep through as the tempo's change, it soars above the skies.

” Shaping of a Single Grain of Sand” is the heaviest and most brutal song on “Phenotype” its laced with hostility and  will split your skull with its unrelenting beats and snarls combined with Melodic slices ,this is a real highlight together with the next track “Illuminate The Train” this  is seven minutes of various musical moments that cross over different genres of Metal it  will beguile you drawing you into its Metal Core.


This is one to listen to in a darkened room and let the Metal groove fully immerse itself, to capture and bewitch your very being as Uri Dijks Keyboards bring the song to its end. “Meander” is an Instrumental that ebbs and flows preparing your senses for “Erosion” with some incisive riffs delivered by Bart Hennephof and Joe Tals Guitars it’s got sorrowful chants mixed in with vaporous vocals from Daniel and deep Bass lines courtesy of Remko Tielemans.


“The Fourth Prime” shreds and smashes its anger and cacophonous Ministry upon you as it's changes in tempo and  sheer power of delivery enthral you. Penultimate track “Zman” is another instrumental that I found went on a touch too long for my liking  making you want to skip to the final track “Timeless” is a harmonious soft ending compared to the other songs on this opus, it crosses into Prog Metal Territory and leaves you wanting more ,then playing the CD again!


To sum up this is a cool Album ,but one that takes some getting used to if you aren’t a “fan” of the band.

However it is worth your patience and perseverance ,and I am sure the bands die hard legions of fans will lap this release up and simply adore it!


Review :Seb Di Gatto  Score:8.5/10                Facebook     Website



1.   Oceans Collide

2.   New Horizons

3.   Shaping of a Single Grain of Sand

4.   Illuminate The Train

5.   Meander

6.   Erosion

7.   The Fourth Prime

8.   ZMan

9.   Timeless



Daniël de Jongh Vocals

Bart Hennephof 

Guitar Joe Tal 

Guitar Stef Broks 

Drums Remko Tielemans

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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