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                                                                                                       THE ALLIGATOR WINE

                                                                                                   Title: Demons of The Mind

                                                                                                   Label: Century Media Records

                                                                                                   Release Date: 19/04/20

Wow I mean WOW! “Demons of The Mind” is the debut release from German alternative Rockers The Alligator Wine and it’s an insanely addictive Album I cannot get enough off! Its psychedelic tones reminding me at times of the bastardized child off Lou Reed, Iggy Pop with a touch of Ziggy Stardust on Ritalin this is a massive record from the Black Forest that surprises and leaves you in awe of the mastery, technique, and verve.

The Alligator Wine is not even a three-piece and does not have a Guitar they are a two-piece comprising of Thomas Teufel (Drums / Vocals / Percussion) and Rob Vitacca (Vocals / Organ / Synthesizer) and have all the right ingredients to make a mark on the world.


Opening with “Shotgun” this huge opener aims both barrels at your head and explodes into life after the slow intro, dude this will have you dancing on the tables and ceiling hell yeah, this rock n rolls.  If you ain't grooving by the time “Crocodile Inn” comes into view you must be dead as this like all the songs on here soon has you singing along, this is more of a chilled out number, think hazy summer days with a chilled glass of wine as you let this track float in and out of your conscience. Simply love the thundering drums and lyrical content to “Voodoo” which puts a spell on you, this is a thumping party anthem. Hell yeah... let’s go!

To say this Album is exceptional is an understatement, as the Organ and the delicious Vocals wash over you on “Ten Million Slaves” another song that has a nostalgic feel to it with a modern edge.


Now for me “The Flying Carousel” really fires up your senses, this a dance tastic, killer song as you spin and party into the night, its fabulous darling! You get to catch your breath as “Lorane” takes you on a magical carpet ride of twists and turns. The jungle Drums and powerful sound is rich and catchy as “Dream Eyed Little Girl” rocks into the room. The penultimate track “Mamãe” has already been released and simply put is a song that should see these dudes making a hit worldwide in the National Charts. But as ever in the fickle world of the music industry, it will probably never happen sadly.

“Sweetheart on fire” brings this cracking work to a close its intentions and feelings will touch even the hardest of hearts.


“Demons of The Mind” is not a Metal album by any means of the imagination but a Seventies fest of progtastic, grooving Alternative  Rock Album dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century, quite simply once you have played this platter a few times, I promise you will not be able to get enough of.

"Demons of The Mind" is guaranteed to have you singing your lungs out and pissing off the neighbors!!!..

                                                                                       In a word… AWESOME!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10

Reviewed: 19.04.20


Track List: 


2.Crocodile Inn


4.Ten Million Slaves

5.The Flying Carousel


7.Dream Eyed Little Girl


9.Sweetheart on Fire


Band Line up:

 Thomas Teufel (Drums / Vocals / Percussion)

 Rob Vitacca (Vocals / Organ / Synthesizer)







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