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                                                                                              THE CHARM THE FURY 

                                                                                             "The Sick, Dumb & Happy" 

                                                                                              Label: Nuclear Blast / Arising Empire

                                                                                    Release Date :17th March 2017

From the Netherlands The Charm The Fury release an Album of different Metal themes crossing into Thrash, a Pure Heavy Metal industrialised Meltdown of huge proportions.

This  is a an angry release taking a look at the world in the twenty first century , peoples pre occupation with the Internet, smart phones , and having their head buried in the sand as the real world seems to becoming more and more hostile and nasty ,this is a vicious  offering  to wake the world out of its stupor.


Drums are decimated as “Down on The Ropes” erupts into the room and vicious fucking hostility is forth coming from Vocalist Caroline Westendrop, damn this woman has some growls and venomous pipes on her! Mathijs Tieken annihilates his drum kit this is a hellish opener that leads to my favourite track on the album  the catchy “Echoes” this song changes and flows as the growls and softer parts meld together in a maelstrom of head banging and an-thematic pleasure.

“Weaponized”  continues the savage onslaught , its heavy and damn infectious as Westendrop spits out more killer growls and the band batter your head. “No End in Sight” clouts you full  in the face with its  intense delivery spreading a strong message as I feel this is The Charm The Fury's time!!


The Heavy thudding  Bass from Lucas Arnoldussen with Tiekens Drums mixed in with  juddering guitars from Rolf Perdok and Martin Slegtenhorst opens “Blood and Salt” it’s a slower number where Caroline continues to prove her amazing vocal prowess ,this gal ,and band have an immense talent!

“Corner Office Maniacs” is an electronic interference that runs just under a minute , bit annoying but I guess its in line with the whole synopsis of  “The Sick , Dumb & Happy” as it leads into  “The Future Needs us Not”  then the previous track makes sense, this is the most brutal and ruthless number on here and predicts that technology will over take us or already has!


These Amsterdam Metallers show their Mellower side with “Silent War” it is touching and deep , although I am not a huge fan of ballads this is quite immense.

“The Hell in Me” is up next   its full of crashing riffs , another highlight has to be the stunning “Songs of Obscenity”  this has more vitriolic violence brewing in its belly and bubbles away then fully explodes in your face drenching you with its war of attrition! A track that’s gotta be played live with crowd participation a must! “Break and Dominate”  wraps up this experimental opus its good and full of Metal devastation in a 2017 sty-lee!


The Band may of annoyed some of their earlier fans with this new release ,it’s a dramatic change in direction for the Debut, but if this is  the  future of Heavy Metal well am gonna jump aboard and make sure we catch  a gig  , and maybe even get the cool Skull Album logo as  a tattoo! This Band have something special  so catch them live as they hit the Festivals this summer.


Review:Seb Di Gatto       Score:8.9/10



Track Listing:

1.On The Ropes



4.No End in Sight

5.Blood and Salt

6.Corner Office Maniacs

7. The Future Needs us Not

8.Silent War

9.The Hell in Me

10.Songs of Obscenity

11.Break and Dominate


Band Line Up:

Caroline Westendorp - Vocals

Mathijs Tieken - Drums

Rolf Perdok - Guitar

Martijn Slegtenhorst - Guitar

Lucas Arnoldussen - Bass

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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