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                                                                                                       THE DEFIANTS

                                                                                                       Title: Zokusho

                                                                                                       Frontiers Music s.r.l. 

                                                                                                       Release:13th September 2019

Okay be prepared for possibly the Hard Rock release of the year as The Defiants unleash their sophomore Album “Zokusho” on the 13th of September. It’s simply blown me away and taken me back to those heady days of the Eighties with a modern twist, for any one unfamiliar with The Defiants they consist of Paul Laine, Bruno Ravel, and Rob Marcello from Danger Danger.

This ten track platter is full of amazing riffs, melodies and no more so than on the opener “Love is The Killer” a track that’s absolutely addictive and has you singing along almost immediately as Paul Laines Vocals resonate around the room and Guitar maestro Rob Marcello lets fly with some killer riffs throughout this opus we get the first taste of his fiery Guitar man ship on this stupendous opener. 


Special guest on the Drums is former Danger Danger tub thumper Steve West, who makes his prescence known on the blinding “Standing on the edge” with the thudding Bass courtesy of Bruno Ravel, this is pure unadulterated melodic heaven.

One of my fave songs on here is the amazing “Hollywood Headlights” takes you back to the those days when you had your summer holidays hanging out with your friends, dating and falling for the girl that lived miles away, this song makes you smile and a little wistful to those days when we didn’t have a care in the world, absolutely perfect as Marcello lets fire with some amazing guitar work while Paul Laine words bring back those carefree days to your soul. Things just keep you rocking and rolling as “Fallin for you” has you singing at the top of your lungs, no surprise this song has been released already. I can’t really be any more enthusiastic about “Zokusho” as you continue to be blown away by the slower “Hold on Tight” and the good time Anthem “Allnighter”. Recent release “U X'd My Heart” is a powerful number where the Band continue to leave you amazed and no so more than on the next track a deep meaningful anthem of huge proportions, we are all getting older and “It goes Fast” a massive one that’s going to be awesome live!


The Band continue to put their heart and soul into every moment on here as “Stay” again sees you singing along with these legends of Melodic Rock. Penultimate song “Alive” is a track that back in the day would is yet another song that would have been on constant play on MTV simply its outta this world. The fun “Drink up” brings this exceptional masterpiece to a close…  So indeed “Drink up” and party the night away with The Defiants…


“Zokusho” is full of Hard Rocking classics that hark back to the glory days with a modern edge that gets you dancing as well as the emotional, goose bump moments, which reminds one of being a youth, this is an amazing journey back to the past and one that will delight fans of this genre, personally am into Heavier music but you know what this is an impressive and melodious platter perfect for hot summer nights cruising down the highways of life with the volume to the max!




Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score: 10/10      Facebook



Track list:

1.Love Is the Killer

2.Standing on The Edge

3.Hollywood In Headlights

4.Fallin' For You

5.Hold on Tonite

6. Allnighter

7.U X'd My Heart

8.It Goes Fast



11.Drink Up!



Bruno Ravel: Bass

Paul Laine: Vocals, Guitar

Rob Marcello: Guitar

Steve West: Drums


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