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                                                                                                          The Dreaming
                                                                                        Rise Again  Label: Metropolis Records
If you love Alternative Industrial music you will adore this album, or you may already be a fan of The  Dreaming. The band were formed by the mighty Stabbing Westwards Vocalist  Chris Hall and "Rise Again" is the bands third release.

Stabbing Westward broke up after seven years much to the dismay of their many fans, who have constantly requested a reunion, this has not happened but  In 2014,  Walter Flakus (keyboards, Programming) joined The Dreaming and fulfilled a bit of the Stabbing Westward fans dreams as Flakus and Hall together reunited Stabbing Westwards songwriting heart. Added  to that the  band has in its ranks one-time Stabbing Westward drummer Johnny Haroa , and the amazingly talented Bassist Brent Ashley from Static X, and Deadsy / Orgy guitarist Carlton Bost are  already in the bands lineup.


Not being a mega fan of  Industrial music to be honest I have found this album to be  surprisingly (for me) instantly like able, The first single (and video ) is the album opener "Alone" it made my ears prick up instantly, its nice to have a bit of alternative music to review at times and  this is a worthy opener to fill alternative club  dance floors the world over, and have everyone moving an grooving.


Other tracks worthy of note  are "Kisses Taste Like Death" its  keyboard orientated themes mix in  and are  laced with some heavy riffs its the heaviest track contained on "Rise Again" the vocals from Hall are absorbing and seriously have you hooked and wanting to keep re playing this track again and again, its addictive qualities will be lapped up and it reminded me heavily of earlier Stabbing Westward songs that stay firmly  stuck in  your mind.


There are so many quality tracks on here I will just highlight the ones that really grabbed me, there's thought provoking songs like "Blink of an Eye" the lyrics really make you contemplate the meaning of your life, its a deep and telling tune.

"Destroy" mixes everything up and delivers a huge sound to shake the foundations , and  I have found my first experience of  The Dreaming to be one of full enjoyment. Even the most traditional  narrow minded Metal Head should be able to enjoy this albums many many qualities , I would say have a listen to this album  you may surprise yourself its addictive and is an album I would recommend .

Review Seb Di Gatto    Score :8/10     Facebook           Website

1. Alone
2. Painkillers
3. Kisses Taste Like Death
4. Empty Promises
5. Afraid
6. Throw It Away
7. Still Believe
8. Blink of an Eye
9. Destroy
10. Rise Again


Band Line up

Christopher Hall- Vocals
Walter Flakus-Keys and Programming
Johnny Haro- Drums
Carlton Bost- Guitar
Franccesca De Struct- Bass


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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