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                                                                                                      The Edge of Paradise
                                                                                                       Immortal Waltz
                                                                                       Pure Steel Records   Release Date :22nd May 2015
The Edge of Paradise  are a band that contacted us here at The Metal Gods Meltdown,  and boy are we glad they did! Hailing from Ventura California,  and having already released an  EP "A Perfect Shade of Black" that grabbed peoples attention this quartet will be  releasing  an eight track album called "Immortal Waltz" in May  and have , as with the EP  enlisted the services of legendary producer/mixer Michael Wagener. The Bands line up   includes the rhythm section of bassist Nick Ericson and drummer John Chominsky  throw into the mix Metals hottest Vixen Margarita Monet whose powerful and compelling vocals enthrall and amaze you,  with Dave Bates' imposing guitars you get one helluva band and one helluva a Melodic Metal Album!


Opening with "Its My Show" it saunters in   with some deep and crunching grooves its a delicious opener, its got a macabre feeling, with a  piano piece interspersed with a delightful and very addictive vocal delivery from Margarita,  its already a personal favourite,  and that's just track one! "Immortal Waltz" is a symphonic number that builds into a crescendo,  its dramatic, effective and hasn't  made me feel so excited about a new band in many a year ,seriously this is an outstanding song , its not specially heavy , but it takes you on a voyage with   twists and  turns,  it rides your soul  and takes on a speeding bullet train adventure of Melodic Metal Heaven.


"Rise For The Fallen" is the bands first video from the album , it opens with piano, and washes over you with its harmonious keys and crunching riffs,it's  quite simply addictive , challenging and sublime."In a Dream" , “Perfect Shade of Black”, “Breakaway” and “Ghost"are all featured on the previously mentioned EP, and without a doubt are a fantastic addition to this album, "In A Dream" is so well constructed, you really feel the expressive tones and delivery by  Margarita Monet , taking you on a hallucinatory tour of melodic magnificence, its beautiful and as I often say in my reviews its another track from a Hard Rocking / Metal Band that should be out there on mainstream radio , fabulous its passionate, emotive and stunning.


Drawing breath "Perfect Shade of Black" sees the impressive Monet stretch her vocal chords even more its a thunderous number. "Break Away" hooks you, and draws you, the bewitching vocals take you on this magic symphonic journey you don’t want it  to end or indeed "Breakaway" from. "Ghost" is a haunting piece that plunges, swoops and flows and  has a guitar solo to melt your heart, its a softer ethereal piece.  Final track is "Goodbye" its a wondrous end to one of the most impressive albums I have heard in a very long time , its   powerful and enchanting farewell.


Now I have to say this, its early January and "Immortal Waltz " is a killer release, its an immense debut ! Its a album that's going to take some beating as one of the strong if not strongest debut from a band the world over in 2015.  SERIOUSLY!


Review :Seb Di Gatto           Score : 9/10                                                                                                    


Track Listing:                         Facebook       Website             
01. It’s My Show
02. Immortal Waltz
03. Rise For The Fallen
04. In A Dream
05. Perfect Shade Of Black
06. Break Away
07. Ghost
08. GoodBye



Band Members

Margarita Monet - Dave Bates - John Chominsky - Nick Ericson


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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