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                                                                                                 The Golden Leaves Interview  26/10/19


MM: Which two tracks would you play me to introduce us to your Band

TGL:You should give Rebel and Invite me a listen. There you have one of our “hardest” songs, Invite Me, so if that’s to much for you, it can only go one way for you. And Rebel is usually described as a smooth, easy listening rock song, with a tempo. So yeah, give them a try. Lemon is also an great introduction to us, but you said two tracks…


MM: Can you give us details on tours/festivals for the rest of the year and going into 2020

TGL:Unfortunately, no, we are still trying to find a new drummer, so we have not dared booking any concerts yet. We won’t give the audience something half-assed, by showing up with a totally new drummer, out of sync with the band.


MM: What can we expect from The Golden Leaves live

TGL:From the feedback we get, we are a energized band, whom give all they have, all the time. And we feel that that description is how we like to see ourselves. For us it’s important to always give prays to the people showing up, so no matter if there is three or three thousand in the audience, we will give our best.


MM: Can u tell me what do you like best about touring and worst?

TGL:The best about touring is probably all the people we meet. When we warmed up for Skambank, a Norwegian hard rock band, a while ago, we meet all the crazy people at Hillbilly Huckfest. After the concerts all the people gathered in a barn for what I best can describe as an enormous rave party. People were jumping around on the floor where the mud from the rain had gathered, splashing it around everywhere. Later that night, when the rain stopped, everybody went out to the fields, lit a giant fire and started jumping through. It was crazy. The worst part of touring is the trip home. Alcohol were free and flowing, so a 9-hour drive home was not welcome.


MM: Who would be your ultimate bands to tour with 

TGL:Of the ones currently playing, Rival Sons or Arctic Monkeys. Those guys seem really cool, and we are inspired by them. So yeah, if you can make it happen, it would be appreciated!


MM: With so many Bands out there. how do you intend to stand out from the others?

TGL:With the power of David’s boyish charm, Javier’s amazing guitar riffs, Torleiv’s cute but, and Arthur’s style, how can we go wrong? If we don’t stand out, it’s definitely because of the drummer we’ll hire. Can’t be anything else.


MM: When did you first realise you had such a musical talent, and do you remember your first ever performance

TGL:It’s naturally different for all of us, but Javier has the best story. He always sung and danced along to this old Bee Gees VHS tape. I believe there is a recording of it, but he has it stored away in a safe somewhere. That was his first performance, and that was the first time his family discovered his musical talent.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

TGL:Arthur, the bass player, says when he saw Ulver at Maihaugsalen in 2009. It was their first concert in 16 years, and he had only gotten the tickets by chance. He knew one of the organizers, and because of that got a notion that the band needed an extra guitar. So he ran home and got his own, they used it, and as thanks he got a free ticket. A big day in a 16-year old boy’s life.


MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with The Golden Leaves

TGL:Hm, either when John ‘Stret’ Stredford of the Purple Universe like Higher Than Ever so much he invited us down to Manchester for his annually January party. Or when Lemon hit 100 000 playbacks on Spotify.


MM:  Which are your Two favorite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

TGL:Arthur says You Want It Darker, by Leonard Cohen. Cohen died 19 days after the album released, which made the whole thing a big goodbye from the greatest poet of our time. The album is amazing, but when you put it in that context it makes it even better.

Javier is a more traditional rock star and says Led Zeppelin IV. It’s the perfect album. From the cover to every. Single. Song. A true masterpiece.


MM: Where would you like to see yourselves in a 5-year time?

TGL:Probably in mourning over Javier. We all have our bets on him being in the 27 club, which gives him a little more than a year left, tops. So, the rest of us will be in morning, playing tribute shows for him. Crying in our mansions, that we bought from all the royalties.


MM: Four words to describe The Golden Leaves

TGL:True. Rebels. To. The. Bone.


MM: Can you tell me why we should check out The Golden Leaves

TGL:We are a group of lovable guys, with kind hearts and warm smiles. And the smiles come out when people check us out. If that’s not reason enough for you, we love what we do, and do it with a passion you should be able to hear through the speakers. And if I’m wrong, how much hurry are you in, if you can’t sit down for five minutes to give a few songs a listen?                   Facebook



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