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                                                                                                     The Irontown Diehards


                                                                                           Release Date:November 8th 2019

Kicking and screaming like a wild banshee on Ritalin we have the superlative Hard Rock Band The Irontown Diehards with their second Album “Linchpin” ready to disturb the peace on the 8th of November .

This four piece kick out the jams and grooves  to have a whole venue moving and shaking their bodies to this ballsy good time rip rawing release.

Formed in 2014 and releasing their Debut in 2016 to critical acclaim you can’t but fail to be impressed as  “Living on” opens proceeding this is a track that has you instantly hooked as PhiL Dixons Vocals inspire and impress  as this classy opener gears you up for  a pretty damn decent second Album from these Irish rockers. The first single “Ride” is a good time party anthem and I can think of many Big bands who would love this number in their repertoire, a song to get you on your feet and punching the air as they deliver some tasty hip swinging Rawk N Roll!!


Then the funky monkey “Amelie” cruises into the room, think sun drenched hot days driving down the freeway with this one cranked to the max. As we journey into “Alive” another song that just gets under your skin and demands to be played again and again.  “Die Slow” continues to ignite the senses with its sublime tones having you singing along in no time at all, as you are next taken on heavenly heights as “High  Time” and “Moonlight”  continue to shine through on this sophomore opus. 

We get the ballsy rocker “Once” a top notch number which has more edge than a pitcher full of razor blades! The multi layered “Shadow Love” steals your soul with its jumping moves and kicking grooves.  

So to the penultimate song “Woman” probably my fave track on here its slow start builds to a crescendo of  hard rocking excellence that stays in your head for days.  “Shine” slows the mood down and  wraps up a an impressive Album that radiates a light bright into your heart.


Without a doubt this is a Band with a big future ahead of them , make sure ya check out The Irontown Diehards..they truly RAWK!!



Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:  8.5/10

Reviewed : 27.10.19



1.Living on   




5.Die Slow

6.High Time



9.Shadow Love




 Phil Dixon – Vocals

 Andrew Baxter - Guitars

 Mark McCallion- Bass

 Eamon Lenehan- Drums.


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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