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                                                                                                The Jokers

                                                                                               Rock n Roll Bones

                                                                                               Label: Metaloplis

                                                                                               Release date:4th November 2022

Okay, it’s been seven years since these guys released anything, and in that time how the world has changed nearly beyond recognition in so many respects, and what lies ahead can be a little unsettling but fear not The Jokers have returned with their fourth album and I tell ya what, It’s a purebred rawk n roll behemoth to wash these worrying days away with a massive fourteen tracks lying in wait this fabulous piece of art called

” Rock N Roll Bones”.

North West of England's finest lineup consists of Wane Parry on Vocals, Paul Hurst on Guitar, Tom Crane on Bass, and Paul Brough on Drums. From the get-go The Jokers groove and schmooze into the room as the opening “Ritual” draws you in, then “You’re Gone” is a mighty slab of straight-shooting hard rock to have the masses singing along and shaking their booty to this tune. We are then led into the title track “Rock n Roll Bones” the first single from this opus an all-guns-blazing rock n roll rampage for three minutes as this anthem kicks in the doors and rocks them bones and has you in raptures hopefully not leading to fractures!

The tempo changes as “Walk through the door” floats into your presence, love the way this song works its magic with its blue-infused feel, get them lighters out (sorry phones) as this song casts a spell on you. “Slapback” like the previous track has been released and if you haven’t heard it yet you are missing out it’s a ballsy riff-infused monster that stomps into the room with attitude!  Love the way the songs just glide into each other and take you from moments of hell, yeah punching the air and singing along to more chilled-out moments. We get another one that’s been released “Water on fire” bringing back those bluesy edges once more. “Cold Heart” has you imaging sitting by the bayou on a hot summer’s day drinking some Jack Daniels, simply stunning as “Ghost Road” takes you on a journey of musical ecstasy. This work just continues to impress as “Find my way home” grooves into your presence, a sublime pure rocking cool tune.

Think the Doors mix in some Black Stone Cherry, and we get the bastard child of “Snake oil Devil” this is totally banging. this is hard-rocking alchemy. hell yeah, it’s a promise of lands that just schmooze and move you. Weaving their magic these Jokers continue to rock ya and roll as “Supercell Brothers” charges ya, with supercilious riffs and smooth vocals. “Granite Stone” is just a solid song then “Queen of America” rocks up and has you singing along hey yeah guys this is a tune that looks good and delivers, then we come to the finale, get them drums out, and party.

Simply put I can’t rate this album enough; I find it hard to believe these guys are not massive and ready to step up as worldwide headliners for the Metal /Rock world. These guys have it all. Great musicians and intensely amazing songs…

Reviewer: Seb Di Gatto  Score:10/10

Reviewed: 01/10/22


1. Ritual

2. You're Gone

3. Rock And Roll Bones

4. Walk Through The Door

5. Slapback

6. Water On Fire

7. Cold Heart

8. Ghost Road

9. Find My Way Home

10. Snake Oil Devil

11. Supercell Brothers

12. Granite Stone

13. Queen Of America

14. Carnival



Wane Parry – Vocals

Paul Hurst – Guitar

Tom Crane – Bass

Paul Brough – Drums




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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