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Salvation Jayne Salvation Jayne


Sarpedon Anomic Nation


Sanguine  Live


Savior of Anger  Temple of Judgement


Scarlet Aura  Hot N Heavy


Scarlet Aura  Stormbreaker


Screamer  Hell Machine


Sebastian Bach   Abachalypse Live


Sebastian Bach  Give Em Hell


Secret of Boris  Your Ghost


Secret Sphere  A Time Never Came

Sepsiss 11-11

Sepultura  Machine Messiah

Sergeant Steel  Riders of  The Worm

Serious Black    As Daylight Breaks


Serious Black   Mirrorworld


Seven Deadly  Obliviation


Sevensisters    Sevensisters


Seven Thorns Symphony of Shadows


Shadowbane  Facing The Fallout


Shadowside   Shades of Humanity


Shakra   Mad World


Shark Infested Daughters  These Tides our Tombs

Shotgun Rodeo By Hook or by Crook


Shotgun Rodeo   World Wide Genocide


Sibiir  Sibiir


Silent Descent   Mind Games


Sinbreed  Shadows


Sinbreed  Master Creator


Sinheresy Paint The World


Sinner   Tequila Suicide


Sinocence  No Gods No Masters Vol 1


Sixx AM  This is Gonna Hurt

SIX FOOT SIX End of All  

Skyblood   Skyblood

Skythen  Silverowls

Soldiers of Solace We Are Immortal

Soldierfield  Catharsis

Sorcerer Lamenting The  Innocent

Soulhealer Up from the Ashes

Soulhealer Bear The Cross

Soulicit  Parking Lot Rockstar

South of Salem The Sinner Takes It All

Spirit Adrift   Enlightened in Eternity

Stahlmann  C02

Statement  Force of Life

Stormzone Ignite The Machine


Stormzone Lucifers Factory


Stormzone Zero To Rage


Suidakra  Realms of Odoric

Supercharger   Broken Hearts And Fall Aparts

Surma  The Light Within

Svolk The Round Table

Swedish Hitz Goes Metal


Syron Vanes  Chaos From A Distance

The Metal Gods Meltdown