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                                                                                                 The Quill 
                                                                                       Full Circle   Metalville  

Well, what can I say , this album is brilliant!!!!!! 

'Sleeping With Your Enemy' is a storming, punchy number, relentless and driven from the beginning, the opening riffs promise much then WOW !!!! What a delivery, in your face vocals and instrumentals with which The Quill take you on a magical Metal music journey, where you experience an exquisite assault on your senses.

'Full Circle' is Metal with a Blues infusion at it’s best!!  A foot stomping song with great vocals, carried along by rich and gutsy instrumentals, stomach churning guitar, all coming at you with the message ...“Get Your Shit Together Now “.

'Black Star', this song has a transcendental Eastern quality fuelled by gasoline.  A fantastic song reminiscent of the best 70’s rock.  The Quill combine all that was and is great in Rock and Metal and they make it all their own, concocting a potent potion of sound.

'Medicine', this track races along with fast and powerful instrumentals embracing Magz Arner’s immense voice, which can smack you right in the face, or caress you with bluesy soulful tenderness.  This is one of my favourite tracks, where Magz demonstrates the versatility of his voice with a slow bluesy middle section, ( just listen to the aforementioned caressing).

'Bring It On' has rich and fulsome instrumentals which carry this song along,  with striking guitarmanship. Defiant and magnificent.  I can see this becoming a sing-along anthem for the fans!!!!

'River Of A Moonchild' is a great song with a strange and mystical vibe.  It is at once gentle and powerful, demonstrating another facet of Magz Amer’s wonderful voice.  He is supported with echoing, magnificent, mighty guitar riffs that take you back to a precious by-gone age of rock, and will make you feel like a kid again.

The Quill continue with the quality offerings of '24/7 Groove', 'White Flag' and 'Pace That Kills'.  This is down and dirty Rock N' Roll at it’s very best.

'No Easy Way Out' slows the pace and is melancholy and reflective.  Very bluesy, but losing none of the power of the instrumentals.  It is simply beautiful .

'Running' is a punchy number, very grungy with rolling drum licks and gutsy guitar support.  Very reminiscent for me of Alice in Chains, Nickelback and Soundgarden, but with bags of originality and flair.  These guys put their own unique stamp on their music.  Give them a listen and you will see what I mean.

'More Alive' and 'Waiting For The Sun' are pounding, relentless, awe inspiring pieces.  A truly fitting end to a wonderful and rich album.

The Quill combine all that is and was great in rock and metal and they make it all their own, concocting a potent potion of sound that will get you hooked.  They rank at the top of the pile with the best Swedish Metal Masters.  They sound Awesome!!!!!!  I simply can't wait to see them live.

Review by: Alison "Bear" Caswell



1. Sleeping With The Enemy
2. Full Circle
3. Black Star
4. Medicine
5. Bring It On
6. River Of My Childhood
7. 24/7 Groove
8. White Flag
9. Pace That Kills

10. No Easy Way Out
11. Running
12. More Alive Than You
13. Waiting For The Sun 


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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