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                                                                     The Rocket Dolls
                                                                                                         Title: DeaDHead
                                                                                                         Label: Self Released
                                                                                                         Released:6th April 2018
We get many Albums sent here for Review and The Rocket Dolls “DeaDHead” got our attention immediately its full of kick ass musicianship and thought provoking lyrics opening with the excellent and pulsating “None of This is Right” these grunge infused rockers bombard you with their mix of heavy bass from Joe Constable and Drums courtesy of Benji Knopfler combined and wrapped in a groove ridden sandwich of delicious delights by the Vocals and Guitar dexterity of Nikki Smash. “She Started Something” a song about abuse and revenge being as sweet as a rose but in the abused persons heart only the vengeance and hatred grows, the songs construction and delivery bites and leaves a mark on you.  Favourite track of mine on here is the title track “DeaDHeads” the lyrics hit home for me and resonate in my mind it’s a song of sorting your self the hell out and rising above the things that are dragging you down be it life, addiction and ultimately finding yourself lost and alone.


This release continues to shoot straight from the hip as the fuel injected passionate songs continue to grip and mesmerise you in its vice like hold as The tempo is brought down a bit on “She Said” and the next song, which I really love, the arrangement and gentle flowing lyrics that flow on “The Last Thing on My Mind” takes you on a ride of different emotions. “Stop The Dead Man Crying” opens gently then oomph the chunky riffs and deep lyrics continue to take a hold.

Having been on the cusp and at the edge of oblivion myself recently after losing my best friend and partner of 25 years, seven months ago to Breast Cancer I found “Drowning”  a really hard listen.  I know the issue of Mental Health is very important to this talented trio of  and this song kind of does help explain the  darkest thoughts,  and moments, its an admirable heart wrenching song.

The next song “Desperate” hits out at the current political mess we in this country and many others find themselves in its hard hitting punchy and riff tastic anger inspires and has you bopping around the room!

“Strain” and “Rusty Bones” remind me of Alice in Chains which is never a bad thing in my book these two songs would of suited the great and missed Layne Staley and fitted in perfectly on any of the Bands earlier works. Needless to say of course the guys are fans of Alice in Chains and it shows on these two track more than others. Final song is a sucker punch to the guts as “Trigger” takes you on a dark journey that reaches a climax of frantic and frenetic abandonment.


“DeaDHead” has been played constantly while on my recent holiday abroad, this release is one that needs to be fully absorbed and if you have gone through some shit times in your life and find it difficult to express your feelings at times well then The Rocket Dolls have done that on here ten fold!  

Crank it up loud and sing your fucking lungs out with The Rocket Dolls !!.. 


Review: Seb Di Gatto        Score: 9/10      Facebook     Website
Nikki Smash (Vocals/ Guitar)

Benji Knopfler (Drums)
Joe Constable (Bass)

1. None Of This Is Right
2. She's Starting Something Now
3. DeadHead  
4. She Said
5. The Last Thing On My Mind
6. Stop The Dead Men Crying
7. Drowning  
8. The Desperate
9. Strain
10. Rusty Bones
11. Trigger


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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