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                                                                                                    The Telling Interview  24/4/21 



Paul - Drummer with The Telling MM: Can you tell us about your Band and whos your biggest influences We are The Telling from Dublin, Ireland. We’re mainly a rock band. Not really sure the sub genre because I can’t think of another band we sound like. Our influences range from Elton John to Ramstein and pretty much every band in between. That’s probably the reason we are so diverse in our sound


MM: Where do you draw your inspirations and ideas from So many places. It could be something we see on the street, on the news or childhood memories. Each of us picks something that inspires us and we incorporate it into the songs. We co write all the songs so they all have something important in there to us all.


MM: What would you say is your Bands favourite song ? It’s like choosing a favourite child haha. We actually have a song called Your favourite song. It’s probably our favourite to play. We usually play it near the end of our show and the audience always loves it


MM: Plans tour and festival wise for 2021 That’s a tough one. We are in lockdown in Ireland and not sure when bands can get back playing again. As soon as we can, we definitely will be playing live shows again.


MM: What can we expect fromThe Telling live A very loud, powerful show I think. We have a lot of dark sounds with loud guitars topped with memorable vocal melodies. You’ll have to come and check us out haha


MM: What do you like most and least about touring What we like the most is playing, meeting fans afterwards and hearing what our music means to them. What we like least is probably traveling and waiting around to play. It’s a small price to pay for the pleasure of playing though.


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies Depends which member you ask haha. We could name big famous bands but that might be a bit obvious. It would be cool to tour with some Irish bands. Three bands off the top of my head would be, Brand New Dead Things, Dirty Power and Elevation Falls.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why  I have been going to Download Festival in the Uk for a few years. I think the most memorable band was Def Leppard in 2019. Probably nostalgia from listening to them growing up and finally getting to see them live.

MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with The Telling We were included in The Irish Daily Star top ten bands in 2020. That was pretty cool considering we were a new band at the time

MM: Which are your Two favourite Albums of all time For me I’d say 1 Gish by The Smashing Pumpkins. I think Jimmy is one of the best drummers on the planet and 2 Elect The Dead by Serj Tankian. It’s awesome from beginning to end.

MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how it felt to have people watching you? Actually yeah. I was ten years old. My uncle had a band and he let me play his drums at one of his shows. It was quite scary being on stage at ten but what an incredible feeling all the same. I’ve been hooked since.


MM: Growing up which Bands posters did you have on your bedroom wall. For me it was the usual, Nirvana. Smashing Pumpkins, Greenday ect.


MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal / Rock more than any other person I could name bands but I would say Guitars/amps/pedals influenced the world of rock music. If we didn't have loud amps and effect pedals we probably wouldn’t have rock music


MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now? Writing and releasing new music. Also preparing to get back touring when this covid thing is finished


MM:If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and why? I’d say Dreams by The Cranberries. They are one of my favourite bands. I love every part of that song.


MM: Tell us why we should buy and listen to your Band I think regardless of your musical taste you would find something in our music you can relate to.


MM: Four words to describe The Telling Highly sophisticated stadium anthems. I think hahaha Final Words for your fans and our readers Just thanks a million for inviting me to do this interview. I really hope your readers enjoy it as much as I did. For our fans, thanks so much for all your support and most importantly making the time and effort to come and see us live. Love you all

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