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                                                                                                                         The V
                                                                                                                    Now or Never

                                                                                                                    Label:Frontier Records
                                                                                            Release  Date: 3rd July Europe  10Th July  USA
Metal Heroine Veronica Freeman's solo release is due to set the world alight in the early days of July "Now or Never" sees this temptress of Metal delight, taking on a different musical side of her  immense style and vigour.
Now its not a total surprise to find  this album has a hell of a guest list , a who's who of  Metal and Hard Rocking magnificence is enclosed on this twelve track opus.

"Again" co written with Strypers Michael Sweet is a powerful opener ,  rocking and bewitching you as V`s Delicious vocals seep  into your life force, wow what a opener which leads onto title track "Now or Never" hell, clench your fist,  sing and shout with The V to this addictive chorus  spin around the room with your air guitar while listening to the absorbing guitarmanship.


Grab your ticket and lineup for the helter skelter "Rollercoaster"  it dips , curves ,and rocks into the room then The V seductively tells you your a "bad bad boy" !! ha ha, but seriously The Metal Queen   has crossed out of her comfort zone and delivered the goods without a doubt on this work of art no more so than on "L.O.V.E"  while it may not appeal to all Metal Heads its a track that should be on   National Radio 24/7 topping the music charts world wide, its catchy and certainly does see Veronica Freeman taking a different route musically.

"Line In The Sand"  is another song that will stay in your head for days with its catching chorus , a heavenly guitar solo halfway through sees  "Line In The Sand"  deliver , it pleases and really rocks.


"Love Should Be To Blame" is the second song written with Strypers Michael Sweet, it's simply brilliant then makes way for the magnificent and empowering  "Kiss My Lips" featuring a duet with Chastians Leather Leone , its meaty riffs open on one of the highlights on "Now or Never" it sees The V stretching her vocal chords with the Delicious Leathers mellow tones ,they meld together and drip the sweetest honey  to please the masses. 


"Spellbound" casts its veil of magic over you, its a Melodic Rockers dream, catching you , delighting you ,with its tricks and  catchy musical wonders. "Starshine" takes you on a dreamy journey  with the accompaniment of Meliesa McDonell on vocals and acoustic guitars. Now "Below Zero" reminds me of the heady days of the Eighties and MTV like the aforementioned "L.O.V.E" this should be on National Radio , its a track made for schmoozing and cruising down the highway.


"Ready To Run" sees the hatches battened down , its time to jump and bang your head to a racing  hell on wheels number. Now for one of the most underrated singers who performed on some of the best Black Sabbath albums in my opinion arise ,Sir Tony Martin his duet with the Metal V Vixen is sublime and a stunning finish to an album that's well worth your hard earned ,this album like so many already in 2015 has everything a Rock , or a die hard Metal fan could wish for, get it , and play it , wear The V Out !!

Review : Seb Di Gatto                       Score:10/10


1. Again
2. Now or Never
3. Rollcoaster
4. L.O.V.E
5. Line in the Sand
6. Love Should Be to Blame
7. Kiss My Lips  Leather Leone duet vocals on ‘Kiss My Lips’
8. Spellbound
9. Starshine  Meliesa McDonell additional vocals on “Star Shine” and acoustic guitar
10. Below Zero
11. Ready to Run
12. King for a Day (feat. Tony Martin)


Veronica Freeman - Lead Vocals
Leather Leone - Guest Vocals
Tony Martin - Guest Vocals
Meliesa McDonell - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Derek Kerswill – Drums
Jeff Pilson – Bass
Mel Brown – Bass
Garrracky Bordonaro - Bass
Aric Avina - Bass
John O'Boyle - Bass
Mike Lepond - Bass
Pete Wells - Guitar
Michael Sweet - Guitar
Peter Tentindo - Guitar
Jimmy Durkin - Guitar
Mick Tucker - Guitar
Jordan Ziff - Guitar
Michael Harris - Guitar                                                     
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