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                                                                                                             This Gun For Hire


MM: Can You give us a brief history about  the band, and who came up with the Name This Gun For Hire


Well we are from the rainy city 

Vancouver BC Canada, We formed in early 2015. It was pretty hard to find guys who had the same mind set as us towards the style of music we are playing. Ironically we all found each other through craigslist which is kind of funny because mostly everyone you run into on CL are total flakes. Tyler had the name This Gun for Hire in his back pocket from previous band he was in. We wrote "Something a Little More Sinister" almost immediately, and recorded it in Port Moody BC with Roger Swan. 


MM - For anyone who isn't familiar with your  music, how would you best describe your songs TO A NEWBIE


We strive to be equally as melodic as we are heavy. 


MM: Which is your fave song on the Album today ??


Collectively we all gravitate heavy towards Alligator Death Roll, it really sums up the main theme of the album for us lyrically and sonically. It was actually the last song we wrote for the record and it wasn't in the initial track listing for the album. But we had to get it on there so Alligator actually held up the album release just so we could get it on there. It just has the right amount of everything in our opinion. 



MM: And which twotracks from your new Album would you play me to introduce me to your Band

Definitely Alligator Death Roll and Barn Burner, you'll get a great sense of what we're going for when you hear those two. 


MM: Will you be having a release party and what does 2017 hold in store for you guys


We have our Album Release show set for March 24th in our home town of Maple Ridge BC (Just outside of Vancouver) for all of our friends. That's going to be a fantastic night. For the rest of 2017 we plan on playing our ass off everywhere and and anywhere we can. "Something a Little More Sinister" has been a way longer process than we had hoped for so getting it out is very relieving for sure and we can't wait! We also have a lot of material written for the second album as well, possibly be going into the studio during the fall or winter for an EP or another full length.


MM: Tell me a song written by someone else that you wixh you had written  or been part off.


Probably Up In Smoke by The Holly Springs Disaster, that band is extremely influential on our sound and being apart of any song on their album Motion Sickness Love would've been extremely cool. 


MM:If I was  new to Heavy Metal which two Albums would you have me listen to to introduce me to the scene

Cowboys from Hell by Pantera and Master of Puppets by Metallica 



MM:  If you could spend just one day with anyone in the world (past or present) who would it be and why


Joe Pesci, that'd be a wild ride 



MM:  What's the most memorable concert you've been to  and why


Well the one that comes to mind a few of us experienced together was when we all flew to Toronto to see our favourite band Alexisonfire's reunion. That show was unbelievable and they're fantastic live. It was pouring all day and the mud was up to our ankles but it was worth all the effort and the wait. 


MM: What do you think is the biggest challenge for bands starting out now as opposed to in the past? 


Writing good music and getting an actual fan base that actually cares about what you're doing.


MM: Tell Me Why we should buy your Album


We really aimed to write a great album through and through. No fluff, every song offers a different feel and we spent a great deal of time perfecting the songs to what we thought was the best they could've been. We really take influence from bands that write full and complete albums because you can't express everything you feel with a few singles. 



MM: Four words to describe the mood  in This Gun for Hire  camp Today?


Pretty fuckin stressed out 



Five Quick fire questions:

1.Live Gig or Festival

- Festival 

2.Vinyl or digital


3.Bear or Beaver

- Beaver


Moosehead Beer or Maple Syrup

- Maple Syrup

5. trump or putin

- Poutine 



MG :Final words for your fans and our listeners


Please check out our new album "Something a Little More Sinister" that comes out March 31st, be sure to watch our newest music video for Barn Burner here:


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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