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                                                                                              Label:Despotz Records

                                                                                              Release Date:23rd Feb 2018

Well it’s been two and a half years since this rock n roll band unleashed the hugely successful “Road fever”.

A lot of things can happen in two years and in spring of 2017 four members left the lineup, this could so easily of been the end of Thundermother but guitarist and founder Filippa Nässil had other ideas and a new line up was rapidly  put in place and in June they released the single “We Fight for Rock N Roll” a major statement of purpose and a teaser to the music to follow.


So, with their 70s infused, heads down, energetic, tempestuous riffs, I was ready for the musical onslaught to begin, opening with “Revival”  it’s a statement of intent it shakes the walls and your whole mortal being!

“Whatever” is angst driven as Guernica Mancini fully shows her vocal might as Filippa lets fly with some killer riffs its instantly like able, and has been released as the second single.

“Survival Street” is an upbeat rocker with a clear message to the bands former members? ...Perhaps.

With a track called “Racing Down Mainstreet” you know exactly what to expect, its fast and head spinning as you screech down the mainstreet of life!


“Fire in The Rain” is a Power ballad that’s gentle, soothing and a bit different from these Swedes.

“Hanging at my door” and “Rip your heart out” do just that both are big hard thrusting rockers to please fans old and new.

The hard hitting continues with “The Original Sin” and the unrestrained message on “Quitter” as these gals honour Rock N Roll!


I think the strongest track on here is the first single “We Fight for Rock N Roll” its message and defiance abound as you sing your lungs out and proudly salute and bang your head to this killer anthem.

“Follow your Heart” is a slower paced number, that builds into something quite special as Filippa lets fly on her guitar and the rhythm section of Emlee on Drums and Sara on Bass deliver the goods as this number reaches its conclusion.

“Wont Back Down” brings things to a close with another clear affirmation of resolve.


You really  get the feeling  that Filippa has a lot of built up anger and warranted resentment to her former colleagues, just listen to “Quitter “, “Revival” to name but a few, but hey shes got it off her chest in the best way possible and so adds to the flavour and  makes this an intense , bona fide work of art!


To sum up this  opus is an awesome release, are we going to catch  these Rock n Roll divas when they tour ? ya bet ya!

Get this Album and Play it  "Thundering.... Mother Fucking LOUD"!!


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score: 9/10              Facebook




Line up:
Vocals: Guernica Mancini 
Guitar: Filippa Nässil 
Drums: Emlee Johansson
Bass: Sara Pettersson



1. Revival
2. Whatever
3. Survival Song
4. Racing on Mainstreet
5. Fire in the Rain
6. Hanging at my Door
7. Rip Your Heart Out
8. The Original Sin
9. Quitter
10. We Fight for Rock N Roll
11. Follow Your Heart
12. Children on the Rampage
13. Won’t Back Down

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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