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                                                                                                        Trail Of Murder 

                                                                                          Shades Of Art    Metal Heaven  

Sweden is producing some stunning Heavy Metal / Hard Rock bands at the moment, when you have bands like Cheerleader, Morgana Lefay and the already established Sister Sin to name but a few, screaming and tearing into the worlds conscience. 

We have another immense band, yes that’s right, bow down to Trail of Murder! 


Hailing from a small town in Sweden called Bollnas, which is already known for producing two Metal monsters in Morgana Lefay and Tad Morose, these rockers have produced something phenomenal.  Trail Of Murder ROCK!, and this album is in a word tremendous and awesome, okay two words there!  So let the battle commence as this magnificent work of art will inspire you, grab you by the ankles and swing you around in a metal-tastic frenzy of catchy hooks, amazing vocals and metal delirium.


Opening with the title track 'Shades Of Art', what grabbed my attention right away is the vocals from Urban Breed.  Raspy, powerful, addictive style, love it. 

'Shades Of Art' is a great opener and gears you up for what is quite frankly one of the best debut albums I think I have ever heard!   Love the backing vocals on here as well and the meandering guitar is epic.  This is melodic and metal to the bone.  

Talking of bone, we have 'Carnivore' next up and this song delivers, biting and chewing into your very being. 


I am addicted to this band already and I am only on to the second track.  'Lady Don’t Answer' rattles along and breaks your entire dinner service from the intro alone. 

It kind of reminds me of Cinderella, but hey that’s a great thing and a compliment as this band is truly 'Nobody’s Fool'!  Again the guitars are excellent Daniel Olsson and Hasse Eismar really are magnificent and some of the riffs will make your hair stand on end.



'Mab' opens up with a lone drum and then really rocks it up as Urban Breed's vocals have you instantly hooked as it thunders along. 

'I Know Shadows' is stunning, with great lyrics and is possibly one of my favorite tracks, but it’s as difficult as all the songs are great on this album. 

'Your Silence' starts off slow, with excellent drumming from Pelle Akerlind, then Trail Of Murder beef it up a bit, then it slows again.  This one twists and turns like a drunk on a rollercoaster.

 'Higher' has an amazing guitar solo and really transports you into Swedish Metal heaven.  A fist punching, head-banging, horns in the air number.  'The Song You Never Sang' is intense and has meaningful lyrics to match. 

Brilliant.  Oh I really love this album.



The riffage and opening to 'Nightmares I Stole' is out of this world, love the bass from Johan Bergquist, in fact I just love this song!  A deeper and darker number we have with 'Child of The Darkest Night'.  The song draws you in and has everything thrown into the mix.  It's excellent, it’s melodic and like a Swedish winter, it's dark and brooding and send shivers up and down your spine.


'Some Stand Alone' rocks and wreaks havoc in your skull, just wait for those guitar solos.


 On to the final track 'My Heart Still Cries', another powerful number that will have you spellbound as the final chord is struck on the acoustic ending, you just have to put this album on again.  

'Shades Of Art' is an album full of immense tunes, not one filler and an album that really will rock your world.  This band deserves your attention and the worlds.  Make sure you check out 'Trail Of Murder'.



Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. Shades Of Art2. Carnivore3. Lady Don't Answer4. Mab5. I Know Silence6. Your Silence7. Higher8. The Song You Never Sang9. Nightmares I Stole10. Child Of Darkest Night11. Some Stand Alone12. My Heart Still Cries


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