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                                                                             Trench Dogs interview  30/1/2022

MM: If I knew nothing about Trench Dogs, how would you describe the band's music to me


-       I would describe it as rock n’ roll that has taken the best parts of glam, punk and 80s rock and mashed it together into a mix of both fast, easy-going party bangers, and bombastic melodic tracks with depth and emotion.


MM: Give us a bit of insight into the band's name 


-       It’s not such a deep story really, we wanted to have a name with ”dogs” or ”hounds” in it. We had some placeholders for a while, for example ”Zoom Dogs”. Then one day me and our guitarist at the time just discussed it and I suggested Trench Dogs. Then later that same day the guitarist then found some kind of quote online regarding the dogs the military used in the trenches during the first world war. And I don't remember the quote but it was kind of inspiring so that kind of settled the name for us.

MM: How pleased are you with the responses to your recently released single "A Little overdressed"


-       The response has been fantastic! It has been better than we could imagine. We’ve noticed a lot of new people discovering our music and the single being their way into the rest of our material so that’s great. Also just the amount of people that have been waiting for new songs from us that say that they love the song and the hype it’s building for the album release is absolutely great! We’re very happy that people like it!


 MM: Can we expect any more releases before the album "Stockholmaina" hits the streets in March


-       Yes! We have another single release planned for the 10th of February, at the time of writing we haven’t really announced that yet but we’ll have more info on that out very soon!


MM: will u be having  a release party?


-       Yes we have a release party planned for the 4th of March at Pub Anchor in Stockholm. It's gonna be a great night, we’re rehearsing the set now and we got some fun stuff planned for it!


MM: Tell us your plans for the year festival and tour wise


-       We’re working out live shows at the moment so we’ll have more info about that at a later date. But we’ve already announced that we’re gonna be playing the HRH Sleaze festival in Sheffield in August so that one is already in the books!


MM:Do you plan to do live feeds at some of your shows


-       There are no such plans at the moment, but if there’s a venue that would have the option for it we would be open for it, absolutely.


MM: Who would be your ultimate three  bands to go on tour with


-       Well just for the attention we would get I guess like The Rolling stones, Ghost and Iron Maiden haha.
But if we’re talking just cool bands for a great tour I would say Faster Pussycat, The Quireboys and Dogs d’Amour. Those are my picks at least haha. Pretty sure the other 4 guys would give 4 different answers.


MM: Can you remember your first time on stage with Trench dogs and how it felt to have people watching u


-       Our first time on stage was at a private show at a motorcycle club in Stockholm. We played 3 or 4 songs, this was before we ever recorded anything and we were absolutely awful! Our bass player dropped his bass on the ground mid song and it was all just a shitshow! But it was also fun as hell and the crowd still loved it so it was a great feeling for sure.

MM:Is there a song written by someone else u wish u had written


-       Well I wouldn't mind getting a royalty check for ”Hey Jude” or something like that!
But personally I think the song ” A Million Miles Away” by Stiv Bators is fantastic. It’s one of those songs I never get tired of.


MM: If there was a heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called


-       Drunk and disorganized


MM: Four words to describe Trench dogs


-       What, is, this, shit?


fast five questions:

1.Fave band – Hanoi Rocks

2. fave singer – Spike (The Quireboys)

3.fave drink – Beer, Belgian Lambics

4.fave album – Back To Mystery City – Hanoi Rocks

5.biggest inspiration – Stiv Bators


MM:Final words for your fans and our viewers and listeners


Thanks for listening, buy our album, buy our merch and harass your local music venue to book us! It’s the best way to support a band you like.


Trench Dogs | Facebook

Much love!

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