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                                                                                                  Decadent    Label: Afm Records
                                                                                           Release: 23rd January / 3rd Febuary USA
Vocalist Udo Dirkschneider’s career with U.D.O started after his departure from the legendary Accept back in 1987, since then U.D.O. have enjoyed well over two decades in the spotlight.

Regardless of changes in the metal scene or the U.D.O line-up, the band has never deviated from Dirkschneider’s vision of serving up traditional balls-to-the-wall, no-nonsense heavy metal, and following on from 2013s excellent "Steelhammer" we are served  the bands newest offering "Decadent" its a fiery, at times thought provoking , menacing album that will not only please the bands fans,  but Metalheads young and old the world over.


Opening with the frantic "Speeding" the guitars are dynamic, and attack like a tsunami on speed, the vocals delivery by Udo as always, are fiendishly manic and no more so than on the title track "Decadent" a song about the social ills , greed, and debauchery, of the twenty first century.The chorus is a bit tired and kinda heard it all before, but so what! Its bound to go down really well live , and this is U.D.O, they do exactly whats its says on the tin , no Bullshit, no Nonsense Metal is the order of the day.


"House of Fake" is classic Metal and sees some mean riffs emante and melt your speakers. Next is the album hightlight for me its an inspired , demonical and insane song with a macarbe spine chilling musical arrangment and devilish growls to frighten the undead,  this is the winner for me! The Middle finger is raised and shown proudly to those who dictate the rules and fuck with your everyday life ,its a hostile and well meant song to say basically FUCK YOU!


The tone changes for "Secrets in Paradise" its a Soft Metal number, a heroic and thoughtful tune. You are waken from your repose with a shift , sharp shock as "Meaning of LIfe" smashes the hammer down, its got some frenetic, and frantic guitarmanship. "Breathless" is a great title for this track, as thats exactly what it does, it leaves you out of puff with its harmonious guitars from Kasperi Heikkinen / Andrey Smirnov, and Dirkschneiders gritty vocals.


"Under You Skin" is as fast as a shark its damn heavy and sees Francesco Jovinos drums given a severe beating. "Untouchable" kind of just didnt do anything for me and back in the day of singles this would be the B-Side , its not a bad track, but dosent live up to the previous numbers on here .

Second to last track "Rebels of The Night " is firmly back on track , it melts your brain cells , stands and rocks the foundations as U.D.O always does.


Final track is a slow burner , nearly running at eight minutes, with an atmospheric introduction that then builds into a Metal epic and a fitting end to what is Without a doubt a classic U.D.O . album. "Decadence" is one to be savoured and enjoyed , roll on album number 16, it is a Pure Metal Album, go and grab it !
Score 8/10

Review Seb Di Gatto                                                         Twitter
Track list:
1 Speeder
2 Decadent
3 House of Fake
4 Mystery
5 Pain
6 Secrets in Paradise
7 Meaning of Life
8 Breathless
9 Under Your Skin
10 Untouchable
11 Rebels of the Night
12 Words in Flame

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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