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                                                                                                        Unknown Refuge
                                                                                                        Title: "From The Darkness" 
                                                                                                        Label: Independent
                                                                                                        Release Date: 26th March 2021
Unknown Refuge from Bolton is causing a stir with their debut album and on first listen you can see why. This is a Hard rocking killer release delivered with an appetite to succeed and going by the ten tracks on offer here, I can’t see them failing.
If you love your Hard Rock with attitude, then you won’t be disappointed in the slightest with "From The Darkness".


 A gentle start to proceedings opens up this opus then ignites into something special as "To the light" rocks up and kicks you in the head with its crowd-pleasing grooves that are guaranteed to get the masses moving, with hellishly addictive moves its a winning opening.  "Kicked to the floor" has anthem written through it, Alex Mancinis Vocals and thumping Bass are enticing as Jack Tracey lets rip with some delicious riffs backed up by Harry Skinner on Rhythm Guitar and the pounding Drums of Morgan Deveney there's something highly addictive about this number.

"Battle Hymn" shakes the foundations with solos to melt your face with its hard and dirty grooving moves. "Shadows" is hip-swaying, head shaking fist punching defiance with a killer chorus. "Palace Wars" is hard rocking par excellence as the guys show their talents with their accomplished musicianship shining through on this slower number. "Wall of Lies" abounds with killer solos and crashing Drums that seer into your mind, it's a full-on assault on your senses. "If the gods be good" is another anthem to sing yourself hoarse to! The passion for purebred hard-rocking just oozes outta this release as "I'm, not a bad guy" continues to tick all the boxes with the band's enthusiasm dripping through your speakers and continually drawing you in.  

"Journey" brings this release to a close like all the other songs on here its hard-rocking appealing vibes entice and surprise you as this young group hits the mark!
I really hope these guys get the recognition they deserve as they clearly have amazing talents with this raw stomping, enjoyable album that will rock your socks off and have you dancing and singing into the night with this infectious opus full of great rock n rolls tunes!


Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score:8.5/10

1.From The Darkness
2.To the light
3.Kicked to the floor
4.Battle Hymn
6.Palace Wars
7.Wall of lies
8.If The Gods Be Good
9.I'm Not A Bad Guy

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Unknown Refuge is:
Alex Mancini – Vocal & Bass
Jack Tracey – Lead Guitar
Harry Skinner – Rhythm Guitar
Morgan Deveney – Drums



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