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                                                                                                         V8 Wankers
                                                                                                         Title: Got Beer 
                                                                                       Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records  

V8 Wankers are a band from Germany that I am not overly familiar with, they have been in existence for 13 years and have recently released their new album called 'Got Beer'.  So with a title like that you'd expect an album full of drinking songs, fun times and much, much more.

There are15 songs of beer swilling, rock n' roll, metal enthused partying music in store.  Rather than going through every track, here are some of the songs I feel standout.  Album title Got Beer' opens the proceedings, with the sounds of a busy beer tent at Oktoberfest and it is the bands dedication to this world famous festival.  It's fast, sleazy and totally beer saturated and it sets out the stall for the album.  V8 Wankers have made a video from Oktoberfest to accompany the track and it isn’t for people on the wagon or recovering alcoholics!


'Bust in the Wind' is fast and pretty delirious, with some neat riffs.  This is for jumping about the room, as is the totally bouncing.  Punkish 'Kick the Bucket', make sure you put your beer down when this one blasts out of your speakers!  It's catchy sing-along chorus makes this one of the best tracks on here.  'Long Spoon' is daft and pure rock n' roll comedy. 'Road Hog' warns you not to hog the road when the V8 boys are on the highway.  You had best pull over or you'll have the anger and annoyance of these rockers tail gating you! 

'St. Elmo', no not 'St. Elmo’s Fire' (thank goodness!), has a nice bluesy theme and is another sing-along tune to keep you on your feet and dancing. 


'All Goes Down The Drain' opens with a deep southern tinge, then bops, starts then stops and has some silly lyrics, but is another crowd pleasing track.  

'She's Nitro' is dedicated to the German Porn actress Lena Nitro and is hot to trot, with instantly likeable, spinning and swinging tune-age.  Check out the video for this one!   It's Raunchy and Naughty!  'Drowned in Tears' is a bizarre gothic-like song and totally different from the rest of what’s on offer here.

Final track 'Why Lie I want Beer', well you don’t say! I think you will want vats and vats of the stuff!  This is daft and just sums up the whole album!


The music is plain, good time rock n' roll, no political statements, or anything too heavy.  This is merry making music, not to be taken too seriously, but to be enjoyed with your pints of alcohol!  Specifically beer! 'Got Beer' is an album full of smart riffs, witty lyrics, sleaze and 99% songs about cars, women, drinking and enjoying life.  Get it, fill up your glasses, and raise them to V8!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. Got Beer? 
2. Bust In The Wind 
3. Kick The Bucket 
4. Long Spoon 
5. The Enemy 
6. Road Hog 
7. St Elmo 
8. Frankie's Tiki Room 
9. We'll Fight Them All 
10. Your Pretty Lady 
11. Yeah She's A Bitch 
12. All Goes Down The Drain 
13. She's Nitro 
14. Drowned In Tears 
15. Why Lie I Need A Beer

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