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                                                         Enough Rope  Jackie Rainbow Records  

A brilliantly crafted Sleaze fest from Davy Vain and his cohorts is what you have in 'Enough Rope'.  Davy Vain is still going strong and maybe even getting stronger with this raunchy Album.

'Triple X' is a swirling no holds barred kind of track to play before a night out on the town.  You could so easily be back to the days when Vain were in their prime with the track 'Greener'.  A really catchy number.

As ever Davy Vain's songs are instantly catchy 'Hot Stage Lights' proves this point, as does 'Stray Kitten Burns'.  I love the guitar playing near the end of this track.


The unique voice and vocal range that is Davy Vain is shown to all on 'Cindy'.  'Treasure Girl' is a bluesy ballad type song about a girl from St. Petersburg, kind of cheesy but it’s a nice song.  Love the slide guitar on this song.

Title track 'Enough Rope' is another sing-along track that I can see this song going down well live.

'Solid Gold' and 'Distance of Love' continue the sing-along choruses and melodies.  There

stopping Vain when they go in to the song 'Vain', funnily enough and 'Worship You' which is a mega fast, head shaking, jumping about, booty shaking song.


Vain were from the same time and place as Poison and Guns N' Roses, but failed to achieve the same commercial success after their glory days of their debut 'No Respect'.  This is a real shame, but now they are back in the limelight and feature in Tom Cruises upcoming film “Rock of Ages”, by featuring on posters and in music.  Now that’s total respect from one of Hollywood’s greatest actors.

I would urge all the self respecting Glam fans to go and get this album as soon as possible!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Triple X
2. Greener
3. Hot Stage Lights
4. Stray Kitten Burns
5. Cindy
6. Treasure Girl
7. Enough Rope
8. Solid Gold
9. Distance Of Love
10. Vain

11.Worship You

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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