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                                                                                                                 Title: Rex
                                                                                                                 Label: Century Media
                                                                                                                 Release Date:19th June 2020 

From the deepest and darkest corners of Gothenburg, we get the return of Death Metallers Vampire, fronted by the aptly named Hand of Doom, Guitarists Sepulchral Condor and Black String with the rhythm section of Command on Bass and Drummer Abysmal Condor "Rex" promises to be the Bands best Album to date wit its Deathly tones mixed in with Blackened Thrashed Metal it's a surprising release to please the masses in these dull darkened days of lockdowns and the "New Normal"  this the Bands third Album after a six-year wait digs deep into human endeavour and its vanity.

With a gentle opener, we are dragged headlong into the title track "Rex" a vicious and unrelenting smorgasbord of killer riffs and fast and furious melodies as the snarls and growls emanate from Hand of Doom surrounds the room and grasps you by the throat.  
Personal favorites on here are the next two tracks "Inspiritus" this has some excellent guitars duels and the way the whole song works will please old hardened Metalheads, this oozes Mercyful Fate with a dash of Slayer and early Maidenesqe tones.

Hold on tight as the face-melting  "Wiru- Axa" pounds and beats you into submission with its beastly delivery, its jaw smashingly malevolent and vicious. "Pandemoni" is a master class in Blackened Metal that claws and rips into your heart. Full of Drum rolls and fist-pumping the air, this track embeds itself in your head. The pace slows down for "Moloch" an elaborate mix of changes that takes you on a helter-skelter ride of different emotions as the momentum is picked up again with "Rekviem"   the towering drums and thumping bass lines being the dominant factor on this one, while the guitars act as a rearguard action on this beastie.

Simply love the hypnotic feel on "Serafim" its brutality not abating this draws you into a world of mystical adventures and stirs into the turbulence of Metal insanity as "Anima" enters the arena with deathly growls this chugging track rolls down hells highway and leads into the final track "Melek-Taus" a totally absorbing and excellent finish to "Rex" and one that has you instantly hitting replay, let's hope it's not another six years till the next Vampire Album, this is well worth ya hard-earned and checking out the Groups other releases!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9/10      Facebook


1. Prelusion
2. Rex
3. Inspiritus
4. Wiru-Akka
5. Pandemoni
6. Moloch
7. Rekviem
8. Serafim
9. Anima
10. Melek-Taus



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