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                                                                                                            Title: Bad Disease

                                                                                                            Label: Pure Steel Records

                                                                                                            Release Date: 28th September 2018

A pure passion for Eighties and Seventies Metal sees “Bad Disease” spawned by Vandallus a Band made up of experienced musicans who deliver nine tracks of boogying hard rocking with a touch of Punk attitude to party on down to dude!

Opening with the catchy and highly addictive “Infected” this opener grabs you by the throat and transports you back to those halcyon days of pure unadulterated good time Metal, Jason Vanek’s Vocals and the old school vibe has you instantly addicted as these Cleveland rockers infect your brain.


Its clear to see where this Band of established musos have draw their inspiration from as“Trash Talk`n” blasts outta my sound system, this song could so easily of been on the Kiss Album “Dynasty” it’s one of many highlights on here.

 “Sundown haze “is a mellower track that builds into a powerful animal as the song progresses into pure a hard rocking anthem.

The tempo is brought back up on the thumping “Heart Attacker” the punishing rhythm section really stamping their mark on this one.

Jason Vanek’s Vocals amaze throughout this opus as “Shock” opens, combined with some stellar backing vocals this song entices and delights as you shut your eyes and get transported back to the eighties, super stuff!


The next track drips and oozes class with some nifty Guitar man ship it’s another track to get the crowd moving and singing along as “Shake Down” has you flaunt your moves on the dancefloor. The good time rocking continues with ”Loaded” and the kick ass “Vandallus” bestows some ballsy swaggering vibes that rattle and shake the room.

The title track “Bad Disease” closes the Album in style, I would say this platter is not complicated its good old-fashioned Metal the way it used to be and just what the doctor ordered with the nights drawing in and winter soon upon us, if you love big riffs and beats to have you singing and partying into the night then go and get infected with this "Bad Disease"..IT RAWKS!



Review: Seb Di Gatto           Score:8/10             Facebook


Reviewed: 11.09.18               Interview       




1. Infected

2. Trash Talk'n

3. Sundown Haze

4. Heart Attacker

5. Shock

6. Shake Down

7. Loaded

8. Vandallus

9. Bad Disease



Line up:

Jason Vanek  Vocals

Guitars Shaun Vanek  Guitars, Drums,

BassTyler Harvey 

GuitarsTim Frederick Bass / Backing Vocals

Steve Dukuslow – Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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