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                                                                                          Vandallus Interview  with Vanik   30.7.2018

MM: Thank u so much for taking the time to chat to the Metal Gods Meltdown today, "Bad Disease" gets released in September, Why the title "Bad Disease"


Vanik:The song/title kind of wrote itself. “Bad Disease” was the first song we wrote collectively as a band in the studio on the spot. A lot of studio magic happened on that one.  Musically it was a groove that all of us were jamming to then by the end of the tune Jason said “got the lyrics how does this sound?” We played it again and when we hit the chorus to “Bad Disease”, right then and there I knew it would be the album title.  This is my perspective as Jason wrote the lyrics.


MM : How does the song writing process work within the band?  Is it down to one particular person or do you all get involved? 

Vanik: I suppose the song writing on this album was slightly different than the first album. There were also two new equations added to the mix “Tim Fredrick” and “Tyler J Harvey”.  The first album was written ahead of time and Jason, Steve and myself just went in the studio to track it.  “Bad Disease”, there were some collaborative efforts transpired and some stuff was recorded and written on the spot in the studio (my preferred method). The album was tracked live as a band and aside from some over dubs, there was no editing on the guitar or drum takes. What you hear is what you get. A Spontaneous hard rock album.


MM: Which two tracks from your Albums would you play me if I was a total Vandallus virgin?

Vanik:“On the high side” off the debut and “Bad Disease” off the new one. That’s just my opinion.


MM: The Album cover for "Bad Disease" is proper old school 80s Hard Rock /Metal, does it not worry you the pc brigade may get offended! 

Vanik:No, it does not worry me. If someone doesn’t like the cover, fair enough that’s cool with me. If you are offended by this cover, you have serious issues! Lighten up people! I don’t understand why people take offense to everything these days but all you can do is put out what you think works for your band and hope for the best.


MM: Which two current bands would you most like to tour with if given the choice?

 Vanik: Man, there are so many I suppose I would narrow it down to style and crowd that would fit our sound. If I were to choose 2 current bands for “Vandallus to tour with, I would pick Night and Ambush. Great Swedish bands!!


MM : What are your long term goals for Vandallus as I realise its a different project from your other Band Midnight.

Vanik: In my eyes, I’m just looking at right now and not in the future. I would say we are all having a blast with this band, no tensions whatsoever and we would be open to play and record at any given available time. Midnight is the same attitude. We all get along great; therefore, we do whatever the hell we want so there is never any tension. It’s a great position to be in!


MM: When did you first become interested in Hard Rock /Metal and being in a Band

Vanik: Ever since I had been playing music, I was into 70s/80s hard rock/metal.  For me most of those bands just looked like they were having so much fun doing it and I kind of gravitate towards that shit. Still do!


MM: Can you remember the first time you ever performed live and how it felt?

Vanik:  Yes, I couldn’t control myself. Haha felt like it was my natural habitat and I was an animal going ape shit.


MM: Which are your Two favourite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

Vanik: Motorhead – Overkill; Metallica - Kill em all; Inspiring! those albums lit the fire so I can’t say enough on the impact they have had as the stood the test of time!


MM:Tell me why we should watch out and listen to Vandallus?

Vanik: I’m not going to tell you what to do. You do whatever the fuck you want. You think we sound like shit, cool and cheers.  You like what we do, even cooler! We are going to have a great time no matter what. If you like having a great time and dig 80’s hard rock, you might like what we are doing!!


MM: Four words to describe Vandallus

Vanik: Loud, Nasty, Enraged, Madness (first 4 words that popped into my head)


Quick Fire round:

1.Festival or Small intimate gig

Vanik:Both have their perks! But overall Festivals are a blast


2. Vinyl or digital

Vanik:Pfffffff easy, Vinyl for sure


3.Hot Dog or Beer

Vanik: Beer. I hate hot dogs.


4. Soccer or Baseball

Vanik: Neither. Not a sports fan anymore


5.  Donald Trump or Big Bird (Sesame St)

Vanik:Hahaha what the hell?!!!


MM:Do you have any final words for your fans and our readers?


Vanik: Check out the new album “Bad Disease” you might like it, you might not. We fuckin love it! Either way, there is use you can make of it both ways. Listen to it and dig it, or use it as a beer coaster.  Choice is yours……….Vanik-        Facebook


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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