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MM: Thank u so much for taking the time to chat to The Metal Gods Meltdown today.  For those unfamiliar with you  guys Can you give us a very brief history about Veil of Conspiracy and what does Heavy Metal means to your personally? 


VOC: hi all, is a real pleasure for us, thank you! Veil of Conspiracy is a band from Rome (Italy), formed in 2016. The band has gone through different musical phases before reaching the actual sound that characterize Veil it Conspiracy today. Heavy metal - and music in general - means everything to us, we’ve always played this genre since when we were adolescents, and it has become our life philosophy. 


MM: Your recently released "Me, us and Them". Why that title? 


VOC: “Me, Us and Them” stands for the multiple personalities that a mentally ill person could have inside of his/her mind. In fact, all the songs from the album are focused on mental illness in its manifestations and its multiple, darkest faces, such as schizophrenia, depression, obsession, up to and including murder and suicide, both always dictated by a profound mental distress.


MM: Which two tracks from your Album would you play me if I was a total Veil of Conspiracy virgin?


VOC: “Mine Forever” and “Collapse”, definitely. Both shows two important features of our sound.  


MM : How does the song writing process work within the band?  Is it down to one particular person or do you all get involved?


VOC: all the songs are generally written and composed by Luca and Emanuela, both music and lyrics. 


MM: Your recently shared a stage with In The Woods...How was it? 


VOC: it was an absolutely amazing experience! In the a fantastic band, James, Anders, Kåre, Bernt and Nils are amazing musicians and very kind persons. We really hope to share the stage with them again very soon!


MM: Who would be your ultimate Bands to go on tour with?


VOC: Katatonia on first, Opeth and Swallow the Sun. It would be a dream to go on tour even just with one of them!


MM: What can we expect from you guys live?


VOC: every time we go on stage we always try to offer the best show we can to people. We really love what we do, and we think that people can easily notice that when they see us playing live. 


MM : What are your long term goals for the Band?


VOC: first of all, releasing a new album. Then we hope to go on tour outside Italy, too. 


MM: When did you first become interested in Metal and being in a musician?


VOC: we became keen on metal music during the adolescence, and started playing in that period of our lives, too. 


MM: Can you remember the first time you ever performed live and how it felt?


VOC: we felt excited and fearful at the same time. We think this is how it was supposed to be. 


MM: How is the Italian Metal/ Rock scene, is it vibrant? 


VOC: there are many great bands, but they’re not supported enough by people. Is so sad to see talented bands playing live in front of 10-20 persons...


MM: Which are your Two favorite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally?


VOC: tough question...however, we can tell you two of the albums that inspire us: Blackwater Park from Opeth, and Night is the new Day from Katatonia.  


MM:Tell me why we should watch out and listen to Veil of Conspiracy?


VOC: because we think that our sound and our songwriting is interesting for all the inspirations and influences it contains. 


MM: Four words to describe Veil of Conspiracy?


VOC: darkness, melancholic, desperate, cold. 


Quick Fire round:

1.Festival or Small intimate gig: festival

2. Vinyl or digital: vinyl 

3.Lasagne or Pizza: pizza

4.Wine or Beer: beer 

5. Juventus or AC Milan: Juventus 


Thank you Sebastian & The Metal Gods Meltdown for the time dedicated to us! If people want to support us or be updated about every news from the band, just catch us on our Facebook page or Instagram @veil_of_conspiracy. See ya soon!     


The Metal Gods Meltdown would like to Thank James Fogarty from InThe Woods for the heads up about this Awesome Band ..U RAWK !! 

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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