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                                                                                                                      Velvet Six
                                                                                                     Demons Los Divas
                                                                                  Label: Inverse Records  Release Date:10th April
Yet another amazing  band from Finland ,these guys are called Velvet Six, they are a  Gothic , Hard Rocking Tsunami of catchy riffs , catchy choruses and  storming musicianship.

The bands   first album was released  back in 2011   "Dark City Night" which saw the band win rave reviews and  play extensively, sadly the band has had a few lineup changes since ,but have returned with, well just read on:

Opening song "Twist"  will have you dancing  and literally doing the twist , to this bands hypnotic offering, the keyboards really make this song memorable as the tune party's hard,   rotates and revolves into an instantly like able tune, I love the lyrics : "Been talking about pulling down the disco, where will my little snow white get her medicine" its a fun number that makes you shiver, and shakes ya to your core.


And that's just the opening salvo , "Demons Los Divas" the title track is up next  , its captivating and sees you in your minds eye in a hot dark sweaty Gothic club grooving , singing and rocking out with these Finnish wizards of all things dark and eclectic.

 "Something Evil" makes you think of a house party in the  deepest dungeons of aforementioned club and the magical keyboards tantalise and rock your soul , its hooks you in like a skeletal claw  rising from the pits of hell "There's something Evil in My Bed"  has you singing along  in no  time, its cracking! "Back to Back" is fabulous its really dark , deep and intriguing and reminded me of Amorphis which is a major compliment ,  running just over five minutes its emotive and stirring. 


I really like the way the album opens up with dance floor fillers then takes a bit of a different direction with "Back to Back" and "Lightkeeper" absorbing, emotional and thrilling at the same time with a gorgeous guitar solo on "Lightkeeper" that tingles your spine like frozen icicles from Finland's fjords.

Strap  those dancing boots back on and let the band take over your body and pulsate through your being   as "Loves Like" washes into the room. Hypnotic and mesmerising tones on "Underneath" its a heavy ,weighty, lyrical and quite  haunting."The Family" is the longest track  running at nearly six minutes , am still not sure about it, I think its a track you need to persevere with, it kind of became a dirge and goes on a bit to long I feel. 


"Blood Rain" has a creepy atmosphere and would be amazing played at full blast sat in a cottage in the deepest darkest forest on a dark cold winters night by a roaring fire as the rain taps hard at the window.

Final song "I Saw" has sublime atmospherics to finish of a exemplary album in the whole Goth Rock Genre. Velvet Six  have been compared to Billy Idol , Him and Muse, personally they reminded me a lot of The Mission ,with a bit of Amorphis thrown into the mix ,you come up with a band to make you sit up and take notice.

Which "Demons Los Divas" does and then some , be sure to take a trip to "Los Divas" and be prepared to party, listen and be in awe of these fantastic Finns.  Gothic Rock Rules Again!


Review : Seb Di Gatto  Score: 8.5/10         Facebook    Website              


2.Demons Los Divas
3.Something Evil
4.Back To Back
6. Loves Like
8.The Family
9.Blood Rain
10.I Saw


Band Line up:
Olle Wallenius (vocals)
Richard Vikman (guitar)
Christoffer Solborg (guitar)
Henrik Björkgård (drums)
Miro Kronqvist (keyboards)
Matias Muotio (bass)


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