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                                                                                                             Label: Arising Empire

                                                                                                             Release Date: 27th July 2018

Venues are a post Hardcore Band from Stuttgart Germany and are due to release “Aspire” on the 27th July and what a ball breaking head turning killer Debut Album this is with twelve delicious gritty and uncompromising tracks to please and beguile you.

Opening with “We are one” The Vocal delivery of Nyves combined with Robins angst and insanely intense phonic conveyance outstands and pleases your senses as Venues set out their stall with their superb sound and Core momentum. Second track in is the radio friendly “Lights”, this is one to blast out driving down the autobahn on a hot balmy summers night, simply sublime and enticing.

Riffs continue in abundance on “The Longing”, then my personal favourite track on this opus is “Fading Away” with a guest appearance from Chris Wieczorek (Annisokay) this track blisters and strips your soul with its intensity and one I listen to constantly at the gym


After the fire and fury of the previous track we get a gentle opening as “The Epilogue” opens and then builds into something huge as it rips out your heart and stamps on your essence as Nyves singing shows the pain and bitterness of a relationship in its death throes, moving and painful yet beautiful.  

This release just continues to surprise and entice you with the stunning “Dilemma” and “The true north” ticking all the boxes as the Guitars of Constantin and Toni with the rhythm section of Flo (Bass) and Dennis (Drums) continue to rattle and shake you.“Star Children” and “Nothing Less” are going to be huge live, with their feverish and infectious vibes, they should both have the whole room jumping around and singing along, simply put they are both Awesome!

The emotion and angst continue to drip into your conscience as “Shades of memory” prickles your skin with its passionate tones.

Penultimate track “Silence” is another track that should be on national radio it has hit written all over it! “Ignite” brings this opus to a close it’s a strong fist pumping piece that keeps the adrenaline pumping around your body.


To sum up

This group have the potential to be Huge, this is a stellar Debut from Southern Germany, make sure you go and get a hold of “Aspire” and let Venues fill your musical desires!


Review: Seb Di Gatto           Score:9/10    Facebook



 Track listing:

1.We Are One


3.The Longing

4.Fading Away

5.The Epilogue

6 Dilemma

7.The True North

8.Star Children

9.Nothing Less

10.Shades of Memory

11. Silence

12. Ignite


Band Members

Nyves - Vocals

Robin - Vocals

Constantin - Guitar

Toni - Guitar

Flo -Bass

Dennis - Drums


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