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                                                                                                       Vicious Nature
                                                                                                       Live in Belgium
                                                                                                       Release Date:September
Hell Yeah, Vicious Nature return with a vengeance! Having played the prestigious  Wizzfest , the band captured their live appearance and bestow upon the world a three track Pure Heavy Metal live EP.

Its that good you could be there in person ,banging your head ,and punching the air in a frenzy of pure unadulterated love for all things Metal ,and boy do these Midlands rockers shake things up!  Frontman Andy Pyke has the place jumping , becoming instantly hooked with my personal favourite Vicious Nature track “Salvation”, Andy Southwell  on guitar unleashes some fine chugging riff's ,combined with Mark Culleys bass ,and John "Jb" Browns  drums batter and delight  as the track progresses you can feel the good time rocking ,the  delight and  enjoyment of the crowd as the band work their magic on the Belgian masses.


“Killin Me” in your minds eye opens hells door with its unflinching and powerful chorus , it bewitches you and has you singing along and showing the horns.  
From  the “Salvation” EP we get the final track the superb and wonderful “Draggin us Under” it stupendous delivery melts your ears with its guitar solo and mesmerizing beats that please and enthral you.


This band as I have said before with their previous two EP releases deserve so much success lets hope it happens as this is pure unadulterated Metal that needs to be  ..NO MUST ! be heard and adored.

The band will return to Wizzfest next year and hopefully will get to play the bigger festivals as well and get the attention they rightly warrant!                               
2.Killin Me
3.Draggn us Under


Andy Pyke  Vocals
Andy Southwell Guitar
Mark Culley   Bass
John JB Brown Drums    Website    Facebook

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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